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Fred Smoot Wants To Tailgate With You for Monday Night Football

Former Redskins corner Fred Smoot wants to spend Monday Night Football with the tailgaters of FedEx Field.

So here's the story:

Fred was supposed to be the guest of honor at training camp for a meetup of Redskins fans from the website, however, Fred's truck blew out a tire in North Carolina and he was unable to make the trek to Richmond.


So to make up for the terrible let down for all those Redskins fans who wanted to run through the okra patch, Fred has decided to enlist the help of Hogs Haven (and whatever other media outlet who wants to pick up this story) to help him hit all the best tailgates at FedEx for the season opener on Monday September, 9th.

We got HailBBQ and Tailgate Ted squared away, the Extreme Skins tailgate, and of course we'll be getting down with The Mayor over with The Dead Tree Crew, but where else should the Mouth of South go on that fine September day? Let us know in the comments, on Fred's twitter or facebook or on my twitter and facebook and I can assure you that we will make every attempt possible to make sure Fred gets there and is soberish.

"I'm coming out there and I'm startin' early," Fred said, on the phone about five minutes ago. "I want ribs, and shit and some apple pie moonshine. We gon' need a golf cart 'cause I ain't walking all that damn way. You know we about to make this shit FredEx right?"

Fred's idea is to wear an over-sized Fred Smoot jersey with a milk crate full of chocolate bars or hats and see how many people shoo him away.

If anyone has an extra golf cart sitting around for us to travel in, I can assure you that you will reap untold benefits. Your golf cart will forever be known as "The Love Cart".

On Monday, September 9th, 2013, FedEx Field becomes...

FredEx Field

While I believe this is Fred's official announcement, expect a video or audio press release of the next couple weeks as well. You'll be able to catch Fred Smoot doing post-game for 106.7 The Fan this season as well as on CSN Washington. He'll also be on "Table Manners with The Junkies" on September 3rd.