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Hogs Haven fantasy football league update

An update on the progress of this season's Hogs Haven fantasy football leagues.

Folks, last week we unveiled the 2013 Hogs Haven A League and were blown away by the community-wide desire to participate.

Unfortunately, there are only so many slots one league can hold, and we sent out the last of the random invites this morning. If you would still like to play this year, set up a league with other Hogs Haven community members. I don't have the time to be commissioner of a dozen leagues like there were a season ago, but when it's set up, let us know about your HH league so we can share the events of it when it's time for updates.

More: To follow the Hogs Haven A League all season long, click here

Once again, if you'd like to play, the comments section is a great forum to meet other HH-ers and set up a league. If anyone is in need of any fantasy advice, feel free to hit me up on Twitter and ask questions. Best of luck to everyone playing this year.