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Fantasy football 2013: Redskins on the fantasy football radar

Dan Ciarrocchi of SB Nation Fantasy and Pro Football Focus gives a rundown of Redskins who will be active in fantasy football leagues everywhere.


Each week from now until the Sept. 5 opener, fantasy football drafts will be in full swing. Since there's no shortage of fantasy footballers in the Hogs Haven community, and since the only thing sweeter than drafting a fantasy stud is drafting one from your favorite team, we've decided to give a rundown of the Redskins who are on the radars of fantasy owners everywhere.

Robert Griffin III: Only Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees averaged more fantasy points per game than Griffin did in his remarkable rookie season. Health permitting, the dual threat quarterback is in line for another big season, and should his health history cause his average draft position to drop, that's welcome news for a fantasy owner looking to find a steal.

Alfred Morris: Morris is the first Redskins player going off of draft boards at the moment, averaging a draft position of 11th overall. It's for good reason, too, as Morris' 1,614 rushing yards from a season ago were tops among all players not named Adrian Peterson, and the Redskins back will once again receive the bulk of the carries in a run-heavy offense. Draft with confidence.

Pierre Garcon: A healthy Garcon is a productive Garcon, and fantasy leagues are taking notice. Garcon was healthy enough for just 10 games a season ago, but down the stretch of the season, he thrived. In his last six games, and in his Redskins debut with a clean bill of health, Garcon averaged five catches and 97 yards receiving. Because Garcon has been a full go all summer long, he will pose a threat to opposing fantasy teams with breakout potential from week-to-week. It is worth mentioning though, that his value ought to be greater in standard-scoring leagues than in PPR.

Fred Davis: There isn't a more unpredictable position right now in fantasy football than tight end, which prompts owners to look for those sleepers instead of going for broke for guys like Jimmy Graham and Jason Witten. Davis is not only a candidate for having a big fantasy season, he is getting criminally overlooked, which is why I've been getting him in fantasy leagues more often than not this year. On average, he is the 15th(!) tight end off of the board, which would even give a drafting owner the flexibility to get another tight end earlier and have two solid options. Now, Davis won't be overlooked among Hogs Haven readers, as they're fully aware of his 800+ yard season in just 12 games in 2011. A full season in a tight-end friendly offense could pay big dividends for such a low-risk investment.

(speaking of Hogs Haven readers, stay tuned for an update on the Hogs Haven fantasy leagues later today)