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Redskins No Huddle/Hurry Up Offense Concepts - Part Two

Part two of a series that looks at a few of the Redskins favorite concepts to use in their turbo offense.

This is part two in the series looking at some of the Redskins most commonly used concepts when running their "turbo offense". If you missed part one, click here to check it out.

Here is second concept that I saw used quite a few times, especially against the Panthers in week nine.


This concept was used more to help beat teams using Tampa 2 defenses. On this particular play, the Redskins attack the outside with Joshua Morgan running a comeback route. In a Tampa 2 scheme, the outside corners play with a significant cushion and will drop back to their zone landmark, giving the receiver plenty of room for a comeback route.


Robert Griffin III makes a perfectly timed throw that hits Morgan as he breaks out of his route. The corner is five yards off of Morgan and never has a chance of making a play on the ball. Morgan makes a smart play and gets back outside to the sideline and stops the clock.

A few plays later, the Redskins come right back at Carolina with the exact same play.


The other part of this play attacks the middle of the field. The Redskins have tight end Logan Paulsen and slot receiver Santana Moss run up the seams while the running back will release up the middle and sit underneath the zone coverage.

The combination of those three routes in particular is key to this concept. The two routes up the seams put pressure on the intermediate zone defenders and the deep safeties. In the Tampa 2 scheme, the Mike (middle) linebacker drops back slightly further than the rest of the intermediate zone defenders, allowing the safeties to widen their landmarks and cover the sidelines.


But the Mike backer can't drop too deep because of the route from the running back, who fills the area vacated by the Mike backer.

That leaves a small gap in between the zones for the offense to attack. On this play, Griffin looks for Paulsen as he breaks towards the gap in the zone.


Paulsen makes the catch and picks up a big chunk of yards. But he is also hit hard by the incoming safety. That's the downside of this play; it can leave the two receivers running up the seams very vulnerable to hits from safeties trying to close on them. Luckily, Paulsen is a big guy and is able to take the hit, but I would be slightly worried to see a smaller guy like Moss take a big hit like that.