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Washington Redskins Player I Am MOST Confident In Not Named Robert Griffin III: Niles Paul

Washington Redskins Quarterback Robert Griffin III may have been the missing link to the Burgundy And Gold, but there are more than enough players on the team that help carry the load. Niles Paul is one of those players.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

To say "Washington Redskins" and not say "RG3" seems almost wrong. In some places, you might get funny looks. Don't worry, my angle this time isn't focused on the most watched injured quarterback in the NFL, it's on another player that deserves some of the highlight reel: Niles Paul. Entering his third season with the Redskins, Paul had a good 2012 season, catching eight for 152 yards, averaging 19 yards a catch. Keep in mind that in 2011, he only caught two for 25 yards in the two games he did play. Last season he played four, so it may be time to make him a bigger part of the offense. Here's why:

  • He's just as good as Brandon Banks. We all know he had a good season in that position, ranking second to Brandon Banks with 13 for 283 yards. Consider this: Even though Banks got more touches, there's still a three percent difference in their performance at that position.
  • Value at First and Third. He didn't play enough at the TE position to really have discussion-worthy stats, but the little experience he does have will pay off this season. His long catches were beyond the 30-yard marker on these downs, and that can be utilized. However, for right now, let's just credit him for being decent on short yardage.
  • We need a No.3. Fellow Tight Ends Fred Davis and Logan Paulsen will get their share of the work, but having Paul in the mix gives the Redskins a complete and effective TE attack that we need. There's got to be life beyond the Cooley Zone somewhere on the depth chart.

  • Niles Paul will continue to pay dividends in the 2013 season. There's talent there: He just needs the playing time at both positions.