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The Fun Bunch Podcast: Redskins Offseason and Training Camp Recap

As the Redskins offseason comes to a close, we look back on the last five weeks of the Fun Bunch Podcast.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The boys Ken, Kevin and CJ are off this week as we gear up for Monday's special LIVE pregame and halftime show (and maybe a post-game show if we can get Fred Smoot out of the okra patch). We'll tweet, facebook and post the link to listen to the show as well as the call-in number - the first person to say "I'ma hang up an' listen" wins a prize.

So because you're left podcastless on this gorgeous Friday afternoon, we encourage you to go back and listen to our past shows with awesome guests: Mike WiseRick Doc WalkerJohn KiemRich TandlerFred Smoot and our very own analyst from across the pond - UK Redskin aka Mark Bullock

We'll be available on iTunes shortly and as the live call-in shows start up, we'll have an app for you to use to listen in your car. Thanks for the support so far!