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Joe Theismann Surprises Redskins Fan with Pre-Deployment Phone Call

The former Redskins QB star phoned Redskins fan, Ronnie Adkins, on Mother's Day to say thanks and wish him a safe deployment and return. Video of the call is included.


Ronnie Adkins has been a long time member and part-time contributor for Hogs Haven, when not running his own Redskins blog, The Burgundy Warpath. His Mom decided to make his one year deployment sendoff, which was just after Mother's Day of this year, a little easier by having a former Redskins player surprise call him to wish him well.

Things got funny when the Mother chimed in on speaker phone reminding Theismann about his gruesome injury.

Theismann: "I want to thank you so much. I have the most respect for you guys that are called into service. You made a choice. You made a decision. Taking care of us. I just want you to totally understand and you can tell all your buddies as well that you guys are really the heroes of life. Athletes are given certain gifts. We can run fast and jump high and we can throw and do a lo of different things..."

Mom: And you get a broken leg!

Theismann: (continuing without hearing) ...I just wanted to say thank you very much, travel safe, and hopefully I'll see you when you get home.

Ronnie: How's your leg doing? I heard you hurt it?

Theismann: It's doing well. What's more important how is RGIIIs knee?

When the Redskins PR department and the military join forces, it's a win for everybody.