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Announcing the Hogs Haven Fantasy Football league(s) through Yahoo!

The details of the Hogs Haven fantasy football league.

SB Nation and Hogs Haven have partnered once again with Yahoo! for our free fantasy football leagues. As we have now for the past three years, we have a HH league set up. We  encourage members to coordinate with each other and set up more, assuming more would like to play this year. We had tons of participants a season ago, so that's a safe assumption.

I have set up one league for 12 teams. View the league here. If you are interested in joining let us know in the comments section so we can email invites.

I can't be commissioner of dozens of leagues this year, so we're encouraging any HH member to set one up, too. Just coordinate it and then post it in the comments so I can share that with everyone. For the purpose of sharing, I would prefer that you set up a league as visible publicly. That way I can share who are the winners each week!

Football and fantasy football are here!