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2013 Redskins Bubble Player: Donte Stallworth

Sean Patterson examines bubble player Donte Stallworth and his chances of making the Redskins 53-man squad.

Scott Cunningham

6’0", 200 lb

Tennessee, Wide Receiver

11th year in league, 2nd year with the Redskins

Key Career Stats

2002 1st round pick by New Orleans (13th overall)

Joined the Redskins in 2011 and re-joined for the beginning of 2013

Career Stats: 321 Receptions, 4,837 Receiving Yards, and 35 Receiving Touchdowns

Career Summary: Donte Stallworth was an impressive wide receiver for Tennessee, where his nickname was "hands" for all of the difficult catches he made during his college career. Stallworth has played for many teams over his NFL career, including the Saints, Eagles, Patriots (Twice), Browns, and Ravens. Stallworth signed a long-term deal with the Browns for seven years and 35 million dollars, but the team terminated his contract after he was convicted of manslaughter. Stallworth has bounced around during his NFL career, but not because of his lack of ability as a wide receiver.

Twitter handle: @DonteStallworth

What is coming in 2013: At this stage of Stallworth’s career, he is best suited as a depth wide receiver that can make plays during parts of the year. He has a chance to make the 2013 Redskins roster, but he currently has a hamstring injury after the week 1 pre-season game against the Titans. If his injury remains a problem throughout the pre-season, Stallworth is very likely to be released. The Redskins are likely to keep about 5 to 6 receivers on the roster. Pierre Garcon, Josh Morgan, Santana Moss, Leonard Hankerson, and Aldrick Robinson are likely to keep the guaranteed 5 roster spots for receivers. Stallworth also has to compete against Devery Henderson and Desmond Briscoe for a depth spot if the Redskins decide to keep 6 receivers. I think Stallworth has the best chance of the bubble receivers to make the roster if he can stay healthy and if the Redskins keep 6 receivers. He showed last year with the Patriots that he can still make big plays, so he would not be a bad guy to keep around.

(Excuse the low quality of the video)

Donte stallworth td catch (via MegaFGAMES)