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2013 Redskins Bubble Player: Roddrick Muckelroy

Dan Ciarrocchi gives an overview of bubble player Roddrick Muckelroy and examines his chances of making the Redskins 53-man roster

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

When the Redskins signed Roddrick Muckelroy in 2012 it was to replace Keenan Robinson, who tore a pectoral muscle and was lost for the season. In 2013's training camp, the Redskins lost Robinson again, and it appeared Muckelroy would once again have to step in and fill his vacated roster spot.

That scenario doesn't seem as likely this year, and Muckelroy will find himself in an uphill battle for a roster spot, if there's even one that the coaches have in mind for him at this point. As soon as Robinson went down, the Redskins brought linebacker Joe Mays in for a visit. When Mays didn't sign, the team subsequently brought-in Nick Barnett and inked a deal with him. That could just be for the sake of competition, but bringing in two veteran linebackers for visits doesn't sound like a move a team would make if they were sold on Muckelroy making the final 53.

Muckelroy has been working primarily as London Fletcher's backup at the "mike" linebacker position, but he can slide over and play "jack" as well. He is trying to get his career back on track after a promising start with Cincinnati, where he appeared in 14 games and forced two fumbles while playing special teams. If he wants to make the 2013 Redskins, he will have to do so by turning the head of special teams coach Keith Burns and showing the same discipline and ability to make plays as he did in the beginning of his career.

The Redskins need a special teams ace after Lorenzo Alexander departed for the Arizona Cardinals, but competition will be stiff with the veteran Bryan Kehl back in camp. Kehl had a solid preseason showing a season ago and signed with the Redskins last November despite being cut by them months earlier. Kehl did not make the initial roster because he was in direct competition with Lorenzo Alexander, but the team should have the flexibility to accommodate him right away this year. With Muckelroy, you would be hard pressed to say the same thing.