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Last Requests to our Beloved Redskins team

With the hilarious obituary from a life-long Browns fan dominating the news the last two days, what would yours be as a Skins fan?


The story that made the news:

According to his obituary in the Columbus Dispatch , Entsminger also "respectfully requests six Cleveland Browns pallbearers so the Browns can let him down one last time."

That is just genius. SB Nation did a post asking their writers for some, who came up with some gems as well:

I'd ask the Mets to cook me into a soufflé so I can experience another collapse. /rimshot

I would like to be cremated in a pyre that consumes the city of Pittsburgh and every Steelers jersey on the planet.

So what about us Redskins fans? I'm thinking mine could read something like:

"Kevin requests to be buried on a windy hill surrounded by a fence where a rusty, noisy gate door that does not lock can continue to swing and bang like it did in his head for so many years."

or maybe...

"Kevin requests that Vinny Cerrato get pushed in the grave first before lowering the casket."

So what's yours Skins fans? Comment below...