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Redskins Fantasy Player Rankings and ADPs

How do the fantasy football experts think that players from our favorite team will fare in the upcoming 2013 season, and where do you need to draft these Redskins if you want them on your teams?

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Alex Trautwig

After June OTAs and minicamps conclude, the dog days of summer for the hardcore NFL fan commence. Weeks go by without any on the field action, and football diehards start to develop an itch that homicidal tight ends and QB weddings just don't scratch, but there is hope on the horizon. Rookies will report to training camp for a number of teams in just over a week, and the preseason kicks off in less than a month. NFL football is coming, and that means that the fantasy football season is even closer.

Unless you are a degenerate fantasy football player like me, then you probably haven't done too much research up to this point. However, now that the NHL and NBA finals are over and the 4th and its adjoining long weekend have come and gone, it's time for everyone to shift their focus to upcoming fantasy football drafts. So in honor of fake football's eve I thought it would be a useful exercise to look at how the experts and the degenerate masses think that our beloved Redskins players stack up against the rest of the fantasy landscape. Hopefully, this information will give you a better understanding of how to value and when to select some of your favorite players. If I can prevent just one outrageous homer reach then I'll have made a difference. First, let's look at how the experts rank Redskins players.

**Note: Each player's overall ranking and ADP is followed by the player's positional ranking or ADP in parenthesis. If a player did not make the rankings he receives a NR. All ranking and ADP data was collected on July 8th. You can click on the website links in the tables to see how these players are ranked relative to their peers. **

Standard Scoring Rankings
Player ESPN NFL Yahoo Rotoworld PFF
Alfred Morris 9 (RB9) 11 (RB10) 10 (RB9) 11 (RB9) 13 (RB10)
Roy Helu 245 (RB86) NR (NR) 216 (NR) NR (NR) NR (NR)
Evan Royster 213 (RB74) NR (NR) NR (NR) NR (NR) 205 (RB72)
Robert Griffin III 65 (QB9) 56 (QB10) 53 (QB8) 72 (QB8) 49 (QB8)
Kirk Cousins NR (QB40) NR (NR) NR (NR) NR (NR) NR (QB38)
Pierre Garcon 64 (WR25) 61 (WR19) 66 (WR26) 57 (WR22) 57 (WR23)
Josh Morgan 254 (WR86) NR (NR) NR (NR) NR (NR) NR (WR81)
Leonard Hankerson 259 (WR 89) NR (WR65) 209 (WR77) NR (NR) NR (WR76)
Santana Moss 178 (WR59) 196 (WR64) NR (WR86) NR (NR) NR (WR87)
Fred Davis 183 (TE17) 175 (TE16) 142 (TE16) NR (NR) 186 (TE19)
Kai Forbath NR (K24) NR (K23) NR (K12) NR (NR) NR (K8)
Redskins Defense NR (DST23) NR (DST19) NR (DST20) NR (NR) NR (DST20)

**Note: does not post Overall PPR rankings, so only their positional rankings will be listed in the following table.**

PPR Scoring Rankings
Alfred Morris 20 (RB13) RB10 28 (RB14)
Roy Helu NR (NR) NR NR (NR)
Evan Royster NR (NR) NR NR (NR)
Robert Griffin III 58 (QB9) QB10 59 (QB8)
Kirk Cousins NR (QB40) NR NR (QB38)
Pierre Garcon 70 (WR27) WR25 54 (WR24)
Josh Morgan 222 (WR79) NR NR (NR)
Leonard Hankerson 259 (WR88) WR74 NR (WR78)
Santana Moss 143 (WR59) WR65 NR (NR)
Fred Davis 158 (TE17) TE17 137 (TE19)
Kai Forbath 243 (K24) K23 NR (K8)
Redskins Defense NR (DST23) DST19 NR (DST20)

An often overlooked, but extremely valuable piece of information for any fantasy draft is a player's Average Draft Position (ADP). This data is derived from the thousands of mock and live draft's that have already taken place. It basically gives you a general idea of how the general public values a given player by displaying at what pick on average that the player in question is being selected. It is one of the best tools that you can use to help you to decide when to target a player.

Standard Scoring ADP Data
Player ESPN NFL Yahoo FF Calculator MFL
Alfred Morris 10.2 (RB8) 12.43 (RB10) 11.9 (RB9) 10.6 (RB10) 13.62 (RB10)
Roy Helu NR (NR) NR (NR) NR (NR) NR (NR) 274.38 (RB90)
Evan Royster NR (NR) NR (NR) NR (NR) NR (NR) 249.83 (RB83)
Robert Griffin III 55.4 (QB9) 49.44 (QB8) 55.5 (QB9) 76.1 (QB10) 52.82 (QB9)
Kirk Cousins NR (NR) NR (NR) NR (NR) NR (NR) 241 (QB33)
Pierre Garcon 72.5 (WR26) 80.76 (WR26) 66 (WR26) 59.9 (WR23) 66.1 (WR25)
Josh Morgan NR (NR) NR (NR) NR (NR) NR (NR) 282.75 (WR102)
Leonard Hankerson NR (NR) NR (NR) NR (NR) NR (NR) 228.33 (WR83)
Santana Moss 154 (WR62) 149.62 (WR56) 125.1 (WR52) NR (NR) 269.59 (WR99)
Fred Davis 143.7 (TE17) 147.15 (TE18) 133 (TE27) 154.4 (TE18) 169.87 (TE23)
Kai Forbath NR (NR) 148.32 (K17) 126.1 (K18) NR (NR) 223.75 (K25)
Redskins Defense NR (NR) 147.81 (DST19) 123.3 (DST17) NR (NR) 201 (DST21)

**Note: does not list positional PPR rankings from, so only the overall ADP will be listed in the following table.**

PPR Scoring ADP Data
Player FF Calculator MFL RTS
Alfred Morris 13.2 (RB10) 15.62 (RB10) 12
Roy Helu NR (NR) 262.98 (RB85) 206
Evan Royster NR (NR) 322.73 (RB96) NR
Robert Griffin III 81.1 (QB10) 65.36 (QB9) 73
Kirk Cousins NR (NR) 253.94 (QB34) NR
Pierre Garcon 65.8 (WR24) 59.32 (WR23) 60
Josh Morgan NR (NR) 338.47 (WR118) NR
Leonard Hankerson NR (NR) 230.64 (WR83) NR
Santana Moss NR (NR) 261.94 (WR95) 79
Fred Davis 154.9 (TE21) 168.18 (TE22) 160
Kai Forbath 171.1 (K10) 227.91 (K21) 283
Redskins Defense 168 (DST16) 234.08 (DST24) 287

After reviewing the rankings and ADPs for some of the more fantasy relevant players on the team (Morris, Griffin, Garcon, Davis, Forbath and the defense), I strongly believe that the fantasy world is still not giving the Washington Redskins the credit that they deserve. I can't help but think that the majority of fantasy prognosticators and the general public alike are simply too fixated on injury concerns and the team's past history as a perennial NFC East cellar dweller. So you might be asking yourself why I'm saying that most Redskins players are undervalued when earlier I said not to reach for any of these same hometown heroes. I don't think that you should reach for these players, but I do think that selecting them slightly ahead of their rankings and ADPs could pay huge dividends for your fantasy teams in 2013.

Do you think that the experts and drafters aren't giving the Redskins enough love, or are they actually overvaluing them? Let us know which player's rankings and/ or ADPs you think are off and why?


Special Teams ( Players) Special Teams ( Players)
Player Snaps Snap % Player Snaps Snap %
Vontae Diggs 16 59% Samaje Perine 4 15%
Matt Flanagan 16 59% Jeremy Sprinkle 4 15%
Jerod Fernandez 15 56% Isaiah Williams 4 15%
Kenny Ladler 13 48% Tony Bergstrom 3 11%
Prince Charles Iworah 11 41% Tyler Catalina 3 11%
Fish Smithson 11 41% Geron Christian 3 11%
Troy Apke 10 37% Maurice Harris 3 11%
Kapri Bibbs 10 37% Matt Ioannidis 3 11%
Shaun Dion Hamilton 10 37% Darvin Kidsy 3 11%
Danny Johnson 10 37% Dadi Nicolas 3 11%
Greg Stroman 9 33% Ryan Anderson 2 7%
Nick Sundberg 9 33% Cameron Jefferson 2 7%
Tress Way 9 33% Anthony Lanier 2 7%
Manasseh Garner 8 30% Ty Nsekhe 2 7%
Duskin Hopkins 8 30% Ondre Pipkins 2 7%
Martrell Spaight 8 30% Tim Settle 2 7%
Quin Blanding 7 26% Robert Davis 1 4%
Robert Kelley 7 26% Casey Dunn 1 4%
Fabian Moreau 7 26% Deshazor Everett 1 4%
Cam Sims 7 26% Ziggy Hood 1 4%
Elijah Wellman 7 26% Kyle Kalis 1 4%
Simmie Cobbs 6 22% John Kling 1 4%
Garrett Hudson 6 22% Timon Parris 1 4%
Ranthony Texada 6 22% Trey Quinn 1 4%
Byron Marshall 5 19% Dante Sawyer 1 4%
Pete Robertson 5 19% Zach Vigil 1 4%
Shay Fields 4 15%