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2013 Washington Redskins Flag Football Fantasy Draft--Round Four

Three teams are almost halfway complete in the second annual Redskins Flag Football Fantasy Draft.

Patrick McDermott

Sorry for the's the 4th round in which Shoup picked first, then Kevin, then Ken....

Baugh's Bombers (Shoup) - Aldrick Robinson

Speaking of receivers Aldrick Robinson gives the Baugh's Bombers another electric vertical threat. Robinson has possibly the best pure speed on this team, and with him and Thompson as threats they should get alot of respect from both Ken and Kevin's teams. Also, now with a quarterback that can get them the ball, I think I can get the most out of them.

Cerrato's Pea Brain (Kevin) - Josh Wilson

Oh Shoup....your team is looking so good except for the fact not one of your players have ever played defense before. Your offense will need to score every series just in the hope of tying. Josh Wilson is the best all-around CB on the team, so having the best WR and CB on a team of players that play both ways is a great feeling...reminds me of that feeling after Zorn games when the offense put up 10 or more points.

Hyrule Tektites (Ken) - Roy Helu

I know that Orakpo is going to get me killed in the comments section, but I don't consider elite pass rushing to be a luxury. I consider it a MUST. With Doo-Doo Reed and Rambo under center, I am pretty confident I can force some bad decisions. Still, that leaves me with some work to do in adding guys with size, speed, and most of all: hands. That is why Roy Helu is a welcome site on the list of available players. If you've played in flag leagues where everyone is eligible, offensive linemen with great hands dominate and are often the leading receivers. Helu can line up at center or at either side of center as a lineman, and peel off for screens and short patterns. He can turn around on defense and work with Orakpo on the pass rush, while possessing the speed necessary to contain Rambo and Reed in the pocket.

Note: This is a snake draft where Ken selected first.






Pat White

Jordan Reed

Chris Thompson


Brian Orakpo

Pierre Garcon

Bacarri Rambo


David Amerson Phillip Thomas Kirk Cousins


Roy Helu Josh Wilson Aldrick Robinson