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Getting To Know the 2013 Washington Redskins: Ron Brace

A look at Defensive Tackle Ron Brace and his 2013 season with the Redskins.


Ron Brace, 6’3", 330 lb

Boston College, Defensive Tackle

5th year in the league, 1st with the Redskins

Twitter handle: NA

Key Career Stats

39 Tackles, 1 Forced Fumble

2012 Stats: 4 Tackles

What is coming in 2013: Ron Brace was a defensive lineman for the past four seasons for the New England Patriots and a former second round pick in the 2009 draft. While Brace played for a 4-3 defensive scheme with the Patriots (and with Boston College), he is familiar with rushing against guards and centers, so his job description would not change that much as a Nose Tackle with the Redskins. Brace has been held out of OTAs due to a minor surgery but he should be ready for training camp. Brace will likely compete for a backup defensive tackle position on the roster behind Barry Cofield. Brace will have a chance to get the back-up nose tackle spot with Chris Neild on injured reserve. Defensive tackle depth, and defensive line depth in general, is very shaky right now. If Brace can impress in training camp, he could make his way into the defensive line "rotation" system that Defensive Coordinator Jim Haslett frequently uses for different packages. The Redskins defense played at its best last year when various packages were applied to confuse quarterbacks and have them make mistakes, like Tony Romo in the week 17 game. I doubt Haslett’s defensive philosophy is changing any time soon, and a second defensive tackle will be needed and Brace has a chance to be that guy.