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2014 NFL Free Agency: An Early Look at the Redskins Free Agents

The Redskins won't have to deal with any more pesky salary cap penalties going forward, and it's good that they won't. They're going to need the extra money.

Win McNamee

When the Redskins won their first division title since 1999, they did so with contributions from all parts of the depth chart. They retained most of those contributors for the 2013 season, but be prepared if a very different squad takes the field in 2014.

Several Redskins projected to make the final 53 are set to become unrestricted free agents or restricted free agents next season including Brian Orakpo, Fred Davis, London Fletcher, Perry Riley, Joshua Morgan and Brandon Meriwether. Others penciled-in as free agents are Santana Moss, Reed Doughty, Rob Jackson, and Chris Baker.

All reports indicate that the Redskins and Orakpo are interested in an extension, but also that both sides aren't in a huge hurry to get one completed at this time. Age and health are starting to catch up to Fletcher, who labored through an ankle injury despite playing in every game last season. He will also be 39, and even if he was still able to compete at that age doesn't mean he would want to at that point.

The other aspect to consider, and also the biggest one, is that the Redskins won't have to get as creative with the ways they spend money in 2014 since the weight of the NFL-imposed salary cap penalties won't be on their checkbook. They're certainly going to need that extra breathing room since so many players on their roster will need new contracts, and also if they want to keep pace in a competitive NFC by signing premier free agents who hit the open market that year.

When free agency hit in the 2013 offseason, the Redskins' front office was about as inactive as recent memory has ever witnessed. Next year, the team wallet is going to open more frequently, but it will be in position to do that for the first time since 2011.

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