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Washington Redskin I Am MOST Confident In Not Named Robert Griffin III: Alfred Morris

Alfred Morris: A reason for total confidence.


Alfred "the Butcher" Morris is by far one of the most reliable players for the Washington Redskins (I don’t remember who started that nickname, but I love it because he indeed makes "choice cuts"). The former 6th round pick has proven himself to be one of the finest, and most unconventional, runners in the NFL.

Many believe Morris’ success in his rookie season was due to the read option offense. While I believe the read option helped him, like I believe it helped Robert Griffin III transition into the NFL, it was not the only reason for his success. Morris is a real "tough guy" and he loves contact. In short, he is my kind of running back. He shakes off tacklers effortlessly, even in heavy traffic. He has excellent balance, beautiful cutting ability, enough speed to play in the NFL (4.72 40 yard dash at the combine), and he is a high character guy (high character guy is football talk for really nice and humble person, in case you did not know).

His 1,613 rushing yards (over 335 caries, averaging 4.8 yards per carry) is a single season Redskins record and his 13 touchdowns in his rookie year are nothing to scoff at either. Morris always impressed me by gaining more yards even after contact. He ran in-between defenders and ran through defenders’ tackles. Morris was like the little engine that could last season. While Morris is small in stature (5’10", 218 lb), he is an excellent power back. While his running style may be more of a "waddle" motion, it is a very impressive waddle. Morris' running style is the reason for my confidence in him. Morris is no fluke of a runner, he is the real deal.

Some wonder if this success Morris had in his rookie season is repeatable, but I have no doubts Alfred will continue to be a productive runner for the Redskins. If RG3 is unable to start the beginning of the regular season, Morris may be even more heavily relied to help the offense with Kirk Cousins. Morris is leading by example with his exemplary play and outstanding character. I believe Morris will not have a drastic sophomore slump, though some statistical regression could occur. I believe Morris will be a team captain in no time at all. My confidence in Morris surpasses my confidence in any other Redskins player