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Brian Orakpo Photoshop Contest

The top three entries will receive a free pair of socks courtesy of LINEDWEAR.

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These contests have always ended very, very well. If you need some inspiration, check out the results from the Haynesworth lunging contest, RGIII running one, or Portis falling down one.

I'll be accepting submissions (enter as many times as you want) until Tuesday (7/30) at midnight, in which case I'll post the best ones and pick three winners based on the comments section.

Our friends over at LINEDWEAR were nice enough to offer a few pair of socks as prizes. They are in the middle of Kickstarter campaign for anyone that is interested in some small investing.

If you don't have Photoshop, don't fret. Here are simple instructions on how anyone can do it without an editor.

Good luck.


1.) Go to this url:

2.) Upload the background image you want...

3.) Click File-Open and import this >>>> gif file of Orakpo. <<<<<

4.) Just like in MS Word, "Copy" (Ctrl+C) the Orakpo image, then select the window your background image is in, and click "Paste" (Ctrl+V).

5.) Drag the Orakpo image to where it needs to be.

6.) Click "Save" which saves the image to your computer, and then email the image to with the subject "Orakpo Contest."