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Redskins Training Camp: Day 2 Observations

Observations from Day 2 of Redskins Training Camp

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It's 6 a.m. and I've been driving since the end of afternoon practice (Friday). I have finally arrived back in Maine. I'm exhausted but Hogs Haven needs its updates and I am here to provide them as requested. My original plan for Day 2 was to only stick around for the morning walk-through as I had a meeting with SB Nation in D.C. later in the day. Like all things, plans change. I unfortunately missed that meeting in D.C. but I stuck around for the afternoon practice. Below, are my Redskins Training Camp observations from Day 2: Twitter-Style!

Walk-through (Morning)

1st players on field for 2nd day walkthrough: Forbath, Potter and Sundberg

Kickers warming up by playing hacky-sack (sp?) With a soccer ball. Interesting. . .

Catching kicks: Crawford, Dawson, Reeves, C.Thompson & Moss

Team working on Punt responsibilities. New ST coach K. Burns yelling, "Speed it up! Your body language is telling me a lot!"

Sundberg coaching up Muckelroy on blocking angles

Polumbus starting at RT. Same as yesterday

Cousins 1st QB in.

Roy Helu, 2nd RB in after Morris

Even in walk-through, Morris is cutting HARD and finding holes. Nice to see that effort even after a great year last year

Nice deep pass from Cousins to A.Robinson. . . . .with no coverage.

Dont know if its the pre-snap motion or people don't fear his threat but Paulsen keeps being left alone for wide open passes

Hankerson bobbled a couple of passes yesterday. Catching them clean so far today

Know LeRib was overweight at OTAs. Still looks to be one of the softer bodied OLineman. Dont know if he has lost much weight

From today and yesterday, Jamison is ahead of C.Thompson despite draft status. Thompson is full go though


Minnifield being praised by Raheem Morris for his Press coverage right now

Offense calling out Zebra. Reminds me of . Defense in Nickel. Hall, Amerson, Rambo & Meriweather w/ Wilson in slot

Recently signed Mouton working behind DHall taking coaching from #23

EJ Biggers to WR: "Don't call me nasty, I'll beat yo @$$!"

Phillip Thomas being coached up by R. Morris when WRs are in Trips Bunch

Morning walk-through complete

Scary moment. RG3 goes to step over yellow rope/barricade and gets foot caught and slips. Stands up. No knee damage. Standing Ovation from crowd.

Training Camp is no joke. Guys run off the field and you can see them through windows already lifting weights

Practice (Afternoon)

Players filing out for afternoon practice. Only helmets.

Once again, much bigger crowd for afternoon practice

TE group working on out and in routes. Everyone including Niles Paul catches 1st rep

Jordan Reed, not only showing his speed is coming back, but palms a ball one handed and the crowd cheers

RBs working on cutbacks. Helu is going full speed. Thompson's cutting looks better today. Maybe yesterday built confidence

RBs now working on catching out routes and making a football move. Keiland Williams looks stiffer than other RBs

WRs running three man routes on each side of formation with all 4 QBs throwing to one

Santana Moss catches deep pass with his fingertips and the crowd shows him love

Garcon with a great catch on out route and getting both feet down inbounds

Tom Compton has a good kick-slide. Quick. Disappointed Ive only seen him at LT as was reported he would be

Cousins overthrows Garcon on PA, almost picked by Amerson

Looks like botched handoff between Cousins & Morris so Cousins follows Morris for a gain of 12

Reed Doughty in across from Rambo with 1st defense

Rex Grossman hits Garcon on a BOMB past Crawford and Gomes off stretch PA

NFL announces Jarvis Jenkins suspended first 4 games. Brutal

Pat White follows up an inaccurate throw out of bounds with a bad pitch to Royster

Garcon with great catch in front of an out stretched Biggers

No running room for Chris Thompson. Like how the RBs still run about 30 yards downfield no matter where they are stopped

Looks like Chris Neild batted a Grossman pass like a volleyball. Good push up the middle

Garcon got open again vs. Amerson but Cousins didnt see him. Amerson still needs work on press man coverage

Xavier Nixon working at LT. Pat White unloads bomb but overthrows A.Robinson a tad. Didnt know he had that in him

working on Kick Return Left, and Kick Return Right

Crawford, Paul, Thompson, Robinson, Williams and Reeves returning kickoffs.

Add Dawson to that list. He wasn't in first rotation

Niles Paul is bigger than most up-men blocking for him

15 mins of O vs D again Excuse me, 7 on 7s.

H.A.R.M. starting secondary right now

Biggers in slot before Josh Wilson this time

Cousins hits Moss on slant pattern from slot vs. Biggers

RG3 throws deep to J.Reed but batted away by Kehl who had man coverage

RG3 with out route throw to Robinson but Robinson cant reel it in

DeAngelo Hall picks off Cousins after Cousins arm was hit in muddied pocket

OL Tevita Stevens getting stretched on the side. Abdomen/groin. Doesn't look serious.

Screen Pass to Helu. Would like to see a lot of that this year

Biggers getting a lot of work in slot. Time will tell if he's capable of it

Rex Grossman throws deep pass to Josh Morgan only to be batted away by recently signed CB Mouton

Cousins hits Garcon on a LINE. About a 15 yard comeback breaking to the sideline

Hankerson just tossed Minnifield to the ground in what appeared to be frustration

D.Henderson makes great sideline catch(appeared to be a catch) with Doughty in coverage

O vs D now. First play, Cousins hits Robinson on deep route vs. Biggers. They didn't get that yesterday

There just seems to be more running room when Alfred Morris has the ball

Cousins hits Garcon on In route in front of DHall. A lot of YAC after

Hankerson on deep post route but Crawford vacates his zone to come over and knock pass away.

Pat White hits S. Dawson on short pass. Dawson quick to get outside

Pat White Read Option PA hits Morgan on short post behind LBs

First Full Kick Return team practice. Returners: C.Thompson and Niles Paul. J.Potter is kicking off for scout team kickoff

J.Potter is a kickoff specialist. He is sending kicks into the end zone. Something Forbath has trouble doing

Guy asks me if I heard news (Jenkins). Says that's why he's a fan. "Cuz They don't cheat." ? ?

Grossman hits Santana Moss on short comeback in front of DHall

Reed Doughty tips Grossman pass intended for Moss and picked off by DHall

Garcon catches deep Post route. Looks like Crawford could have made play after abandoning zone again but bailed on it to avoid contact

A.Robinson with great catch on sideline after dragging across field on stretch PA bootleg

Robinson got that catch on Biggers. Getting revenge for yesterday

Cousins hits Garcon on nice comeback route in front of Minnifield. Cousins released ball before Garcon broke.

Cousins runs R-O but Gholston with major pressure. Cousins sprints away. Player on sideline, "You betta get that @$$ going!"

Pat White fires pass to Ogbeuhhi but Crawford comes over top in a zone coverage and takes ball out of his hands. Couldnt hang on for INT though

Grossman with a completion right to DHall. . . .whoops. .

Cousins hands off to Royster and gets stopped cold by Merling. Even no contact Royster ran into Merling and stopped dead

Garcon with GREAT catch in triple coverage with Crawford, Gomes, and Biggers around him

Red Zone work. Cousins hits Fred Davis on short slant

A.Robinson lined up in wrong spot. Its early but dont want to see that

Practice is over. Team huddled in center

RG3 gets standing ovation for signing the leg of a man who has two prosthetic Themed legs

Even in my sleepy state, I need to take this time to send a shout out to one of my more loyal twitter followers @joeyt5656 (Hogs Haven username: skinzaholic56). Because I was constantly tweeting, I never had time to check my actual timeline. @Joeyt5656 forwarded me a tweet about a @Redskins promotion, I sent them my pic and won free VIP access. This trip was already a major success before VIP access but I was able to watch practice extremely close, next to guys like Rich Tandler and Tarik El-Bashir and this put the whole trip over the top! Needless to say, the sad looking RG3 picture that left the field after the 1st day bearing only Sav Rocca's signature. . .


Now looks like this. . . .


(Now containing autographs from: Sav Rocca, Skye Dawson, Phillip Merling, Jerome Murphy, Chris Thompson, EJ Biggers, DeJon Gomes, Will Montgomery, Mike Shanahan, Roddrick Muckelroy, Bacarri Rambo, David Amerson, Fred Davis, Phillip Thomas, Eric Kettani, Evan Royster, Bryan Kehl, Darrel Young, Chris Neild, Daryl Tapp, and last but not least, RG3)

(Editor's Note: If you look closely, you will notice only two names were signed in black ink. RG3 and Mike Shanahan. That MUST mean they are on the same page now, right?)

On top of this, I added over 200 twitter followers over the past two days so I want to say thank to everyone who read along on twitter and on here, helping make this trip an ultimate success.