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Redskins Training Camp: First Day Observations

First day observations from Redskins Training Camp.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, I began the long 12 hour drive from Maine to Richmond, VA to attend my first Redskins Training Camp. It did not disappoint. Totals from both the morning walk-through and afternoon practice were around 10,100 people. The atmosphere was awesome to a person who is typically surrounded by New England Patriots fans. I made as many observations as I could while watching both fields and recorded them on twitter. I'm sure I missed some things but I added over 100 new twitter followers based solely on my tweets today so I will list them here in case some of you are not following me. (Sorry it's so late. Wi-Fi at hotel was acting up.)


1st team offense. Cousins, Morris, D. Young, A.Robinson, J. Morgan, T.Williams, Lichtensteiger, Montgomery, Chester, Polombus

RG3 and Pierre Garcon join 1st team.

Jordan Reed is not wearing a yellow jersey. He's in for walkthrough portion of Fake FG. Dont worry, not swining gate

Holy. . . .as soon as i say it, they motion out into the swinging gate. . . .

Hall, Amerson, Rambo, Meriweather = 1st team Secondary (A reader then said we should call that secondary H.A.R.M. Thought it was clever.)

2nd team secondary = Crawford, Biggers, Gomes, P.Thomas

J.Wilson is out so next man up. Order doesnt matter yet as everyone will rotate around in the coming weeks.

FWIW, Hall still wearing his #2 for Practice

Niles Paul makes a deep catch down seam against Scout D From Kirk Cousins

Orakpo, draped in football accessories, looks amped to be back on the field

Ive been switching between watching O and D but I have yet to see Doughty do anything. If he did, i missed it

Biggers joins 1st team secondary I named (Hall, Amerson, Meriwether, Rambo) to cover the slot in nickel.

Trying to get used to Logan Paulsen's clean shaven look Looks like offense ran a flood left and Paulsen leaked out right. Wide Open.

REED DOUGHTY IS IN! In a secondary with Jordan Pugh, Jerome Murphy, and Chase Minnifield

PRACTICE (Afternoon)

1st 2 players out for afternoon practice. Pat White and Rex Grossman

Much larger crowd this afternoon

All QBs faking handoffs and rolling out. RG3 looks as smooth as all of them

Evan Royster is 2nd team RB this afternoon after Morris. Helu is 3rd

Like i said, dont read too much into it. Garcon with 1s this time, Robinson with 2s

Josh Wilson running through DB drills. No PUP

Looks like Jordan Reed's calf is "firing" correctly

Pat White's passes looking wobbly and uninspired

O vs D now. Kirk in at QB. Defense wins first two snaps


Keenan Robinson just left field shaking his head. Possible pain. Theyre rubbing his shoulder/pec. Not what u want to see

Chris Thompson takes a hand off and get stopped by Minnifield in backfield. No room.

Kirk Cousins throws Deep to A.Robinson and Bacarri Rambo picks it off

Gomes bats away Grossman pass.

Training Camp Rule: Defense will always be ahead of the offense

FWIW, B. Rambo working as a punt protector

Not only can Sav Rocca kick further than Pat White can throw, but its also a much tighter spiral

RG3 is participating in 7 on 7s. Hall beaten twice in a row on comebacks.

Ive only seen one real tight throw from Pat White. Its something about his weight transfer. He gets nothing off his back foot.

Crowd is starting to heckle Pat White pretty hard.

Deep pass to A.Robinson batted away by Biggers. Good to see Biggers with that speed.

Chris Thompson also praticipating in 7 on 7s. Cousins pass to him off the mark

Too much air under Cousins deep passes

Biggers knocks away another ball from Robinson, both times Biggers was able to get between Robinson and ball

1s vs 1s. Garcon makes great catch off Stretch right play action in front of Amerson

Great to see Roy Helu show speed and EXPLOSION off those toes

Grossman hits Josh Morgan on short post after short play action

Logan Paulsen getting hips and groin stretched on side. Doesnt look like anything major.

Pat White was sacked my Kimborough. Throws late pass anyway. Picked off by Elmore

White then runs read option as OLB crashes and gets a gain of 10. That wont garner a roster spot. Needs to show more

Coaches yelling at punt team to "Pick up the pace." Crawford and Moss catching most punts

Paulsen back in. Groin looks fine but drops short pass on out route

Donte Stallworth is the only WR who Ive seen do push-ups after dropping a pass. Like to see that.

Dline gets good push and bottles up Oline on stretch play. Mike Shanahan annoyed. Yelling, "JESUS!"

Grossman finds Moss on nice flag route to the sideline

Seen a lot of different combinations in secondary. Reed Doughty now in with 1s at SS across from Rambo

Defense continues to bite down on stretch plays and continues leaving boot action open. Complete pass to N. Paul on sideline

Loud groan from crowd as Grossman unloads deep and Robinson clearly pushes Hall hard in the back to leave himself open for TD

Cousins hits Hankerson on nice In route after read-option Play action

Cousins throws out route which is undercut and picked off by Kehl, Kehl gets stripped returning it to 2 yard line

RG3 picks up the loose ball and runs and the crowd EXPLODES in cheers and now RG3 chants.

And practice has ended. Thank you for following along

While players are picking children to get autographs, Tony Pashos is with an assistant coach working on Kick Slide.

My gf got Sav Rocca to sign her picture. . . . .umm. . .

FWIW, Pat White and Pierre Garcon are last 2 players on the field. Pat White working on throws while Garcon catches one-handed

Shout out to (Leonard Hankerson) for being the player who stayed out with fans the longest signing autographs

That about does it. I have more tweets with pictures on twitter @P_Hazard if you're not already following. Let me know what you think of the observations and if you want me to do a post like this for tomorrow's festivities as I know I've posted it late and it might be redundant because many Redskins writers have already had time to post their observations. I'll leave you with a picture of our grand prize.