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Robert Griffin III Injury: Peter King Expects Redskins QB back by Aug. 15.

Sports Illustrated's Peter King is hearing that Robert Griffin III will return Aug. 15.


According to Sports Illustrated’s Peter King, quarterback Robert Griffin III is expected to rejoin the Redskins on Aug. 15.

King writes:

I think the unimportant part of the Robert Griffin III/readiness story is whether he will be cleared to practice on the first day of camp. There’s really no need for him to be taking every snap, or really any snaps, the first couple of weeks of practice. The important part is that he’d be able to go by about Aug. 15, which I hear he will. I have very little doubt—barring an additional injury at training camp or in a preseason game—that Griffin will be the Washington quarterback 49 nights from now, when Philadelphia comes to D.C. for the Monday-night opener.

While this goes against proclamations of being ready for the beginning of training camp—and it’s possible that Griffin would be—there isn’t much to be gained from rushing Griffin back to practice. The team endured widespread criticism of how his health was handled down the stretch of the 2012 season, and head coach Mike Shanahan has said Griffin will not play until he is 100 percent ready.

The projected Aug. 15 return date coincides with the seven-to-nine month recovery period that is normally given for an injury of the one sustained by Griffin. It also comes a week after the team opens its preseason at Tennessee, and is four days before the team’s first preseason home game versus Pittsburgh.

Of course, whether Griffin sees any preseason action, or if King’s target date for Griffin’s return is on par with what the Redskins have planned for him remains to be seen. However, what can be drawn is that Griffin’s recovery continues to make significant progress and it’s looking more and more likely he will be ready for the team's Sept. 9 opener.

UPDATE: RGIII tweets that doctors have cleared him for practice