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Making Sense of the Redskins...Two Cents At a Time

Alfred Morris has nothing to worry about when it comes to Mike Shanahan's willingness to make changes at running back.

Timothy T. Ludwig-US PRESSWIRE


The Redskins fanbase has a habit of developing deep, emotional relationships with running backs. This phenomenon extends to other positions as well, but once a running back has put together one or two solid campaigns, they are IN. John Riggins, Stephen Davis, Terry Allen, Earnest Byner, Clinton Portis...this is just a short list of guys that ingratiated themselves with fans over the (recent) years. Alfred Morris is pretty much there after just one campaign. Nobody is going to confuse the RG3 love affair this town has with the love affair we have with Alf, but it would be difficult to understate how we feel about #46. Come on...the guy bulldozed the Cowboys for 200 yards with the playoffs on the line. Nothing would please me more than watching this guy take a shot at breaking all-time team rushing records. That is how we think sometimes, isn't it?

I found myself feeling worried that Shanahan's willingness to churn the running back spot every year might result in Morris getting marginalized somehow. Thoughts of Olandis Gary, Selvin Young, Reuben Droughns, Tatum Bell, Mike Bell, Mike Anderson and of course Clinton Portis bounced around my skull. We all know that health is the number one factor here, and it is unlikely that a 100% Alfred Morris would not be given a very substantial advantage in camp to be our starter.

I think what ultimately provides some relief on this matter today is that Shanahan is not so much going to discard a guy as he is going to make sure that the "next guy up" is capable of producing at a ridiculously high level. I don't want to think about ANYONE making me forget about #46, but if and when we are forced to move on from our current RBromance, I suppose we can rest assured that there is a guy on the sideline that has been handpicked by Shanny to step up and seduce all of us.