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Poll: Redskins Flag Football Fantasy Draft -- Who Drafted the Best Team?

All of the picks are in, so Hogs Haven Editors Ken, Kevin, and Steve make their closing statements on why their team is the best. Poll is open.


Kevin Ewoldt

There's not much to say about Ken's team...he's basically playing 6-7 on with the Orakpo pick and Pat White is just well, yea. As for Shoup, as expected, he drafted well...sort of. Steve has consistently brought to light my lack of QB star power with Jordan Reed (who was recruited as a QB at the Univ of Florida). When we conducted this draft on email, Shoup had this to say right after I selected Jordan Reed: "I really wanted Jordan Reed, but will settle for a pair of other rookies with my top two picks." That's right, don't let anyone be fooled how coveted Reed is as weapon all over the field.

Shoup's "Smurfs" defense doesn't hold too much water since I have multiple track stars on my team and practically every player on my team has played both ways on some level. The truth is with flag football, a lot of passes are jump balls, so Josh Morgan and Leonard Hankerson have huge advantages here. I have three legit WRs in Garcon, Morgan and Hankerson....Shoup has one legit defender, a rookie none the less, with Rambo. Who is going to cover these guys? No one.

Steve Shoup

I'm pretty happy with team as I came away with by far the best throwing quarterback, and the fastest/quickest team. My "Smurfs" should have a field day catching passes and making plays all over the field for this team. They have the ability to get separation in the middle of the field, get vertical and make people miss after the ball is in their hands. Rambo will be utilized as an athletic quarterback at times and will be the fourth option when Cousins is at the helm. Darrel Young and Niles Paul will spend much of the time slowing down the rush and being the hot route options underneath.

While much of the concern about my team from others seems to circle around my lack of defensive players. While there is of course truth to that, remember these guys are playing both ways. Who do you think is more likely to struggle, Moss or Robinson on defense or Hall or Wilson on offense running routes? Also, considering the QB's I'm facing, most passes going down the field are likely to be well off target, I think I'd rather have the more natural receiver who is used to running routes and will be more likely to make a play on the ball. Also, sorry Ken but a group of "receivers" of Hall, Amerson, Biggers and Crawford doesn't really scare me. Roy Helu is the most natural offensive weapon you have and I just don't see Pat White putting up a lot of points. Kevin's team is definitely more balanced with receivers like Pierre Garcon, Josh Morgan and Leonard Hankerson. While that group isn't that bad and is probably better as NFL receivers, there isn't a ton of shiftiness in this group. They'll make the catches, but maybe not the big plays. I also don't think outside of Josh Wilson there is anyone who can really match-up with the Smurfs!

Height is another issue I'm not too worried about. Sure I lack it, but the tallest player on another team outside of Brian Orakpo is Leonard Hankerson. There is going to be a little advantage there, especially on Kevin's team also having Josh Morgan (if he gets his vertical back), but it's not as if there is an accurate quarterback to put that ball consistently where these receivers need it. Offensively, my lack of height is fine because Kirk Cousins plus the speed of my team means that there shouldn't be much need for jump balls.

Ken Meringolo....

If we learned anything from the movie There's Something About Mary, it is that every day, up and down the great interstates of America, sexual deviants lurk in rest area bathrooms and fields to engage in anonymous physical encounters with like-minded individuals. Am I suggesting that Kevin and Steve's story of how they met causes me to reflect on this today? I am not suggesting that at all. Am I suggesting that the Sbarro tattoo on Kevin's back has anything to do with his relationship with Steve? That would be pure speculation. Am I suggesting that there is any connection between Steve's collection of $0.99 sunglasses and his decision to quit his job and follow 98 Degrees up and down the East Coast a few years back? That would be irresponsible. Let's stay focused people. All I am saying is my flag team would whoop up on Kevin and Steve's teams, and I ask for your vote.






Pat White

Jordan Reed

Chris Thompson


Brian Orakpo

Pierre Garcon

Bacarri Rambo


David Amerson Phillip Thomas Kirk Cousins


Roy Helu Josh Wilson Aldrick Robinson


DeAngelo Hall Josh Morgan Santana Moss


Richard Crawford Leonard Hankerson Darrel Young


EJ Biggers Eric Kettani Niles Paul