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Trying to Making Sense...Two Cents At a Time

Chris Cooley is in for Sam Huff. Who will someday slide into the legendary seat of Sonny Jurgensen?

Larry French

UPDATE: One legend exits...another enters. As a fan digesting the entire gameday experience, it constitutes a replacement. Interpret it however you want, but that is my interpretation. (sounds like Twitter did not like my assessment of Cooley as Huff's "replacement." Oh well...

If you think about how simple the premise of this "Thought of the Day" series is, you may find yourself wondering how in God's name I didn't start it sooner. You may find yourself wishing I had continued not posting my thoughts! Sometimes these will be thought-provoking and other times (perhaps even most times), you might be dumber for having read them. One thing I won't do is waste time getting to the point.

***Wow. I was in the middle of continuing our Fun Bunch podcast conversation about who should join the booth team when they announced Chris Cooley had been signed. Let's just say I had to change gears.


My first thought of the day was going to be about who I would want in the booth to replace Sam Huff. I spent a good part of this morning working up a piece advocating for Doc Walker to be promoted to the booth. As I was writing it, Chris Cooley was announced as the new guy. I contemplated the possibility of Cooley making the jump, but my exact words were, "...he might not be the team's choice given his limited broadcasting experience, and who knows if he would even be interested?" Yep...I am pretty piped in to the team's inner workings. Having said all of that, a future three-man booth of Larry, Doc and Cooley makes TOO much sense not to happen. I love Sonny, and I hope he sticks around forever, but I am hopeful that they don't switch one quarterback out for another--Joe Theismann. I have nothing against Joe at all, but for my money, Rick "Doc" Walker is the voice I would rather hear coming out of that booth. Theismann is very close to this organization and Dan Snyder and is likely waiting for his phone to ring. I don't think there is a wrong answer here, but I would argue there is an answer that is...more right.

Damn...I was literally minutes away from posting what would have been a colossal embarrassment of a post. Timely, yes. Ridiculous...yes.