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2013 Washington Redskins Flag Football Fantasy Draft--Round Seven

Ken, Kevin, and Shoup make their final selections in the flag football draft using the Redskins 2013 roster.


This is the final round of our final post of this series later today, we will each make our claim of why our team is the best and a final poll. Who won this round though?

Hyrule Tektites select E.J. Biggers. In this draft, you can't go wrong picking up cornerbacks. They tend to be the most athletic guys on the field with the most experience at other postions. E.J. has a little bit of size and a lot of agility. As a former seventh round pick, he plays with a chip on his shoulder and that is what the Hyrule Tektites are all about.

Cerrato's Pea Brain selects WR/RB/LB Eric Kettani. On offense, he's the perfect guy to have in space setting blocks off down-field routes, especially with his size and 4.5 speed. In High School, he was the Cleveland Plain-Dealer's defensive player of the year, so he's got skills and will fit in nicely as a LB taking away the middle of the field and short routes. I of course have a soft spot for military guys, so his recent promotion to Lieutenant will provide even more leadership and motivation when Cerrato's Pea Brain starts slacking only up 50 points on Ken's team and 32 points on Shoup's team.

Baugh's Bombers select TE Niles Paul. Paul takes a lot of flak from Redskins fans, but the guy is a great athlete and can help both offensively and defensively. He's a smart football player and should easily be able to cover corners and safeties when Paul is on defense. He is also going to help from a blocking stand point on screens and to help protect Cousins as our version of the Smurfs gets behind Ken and Kevin's defense. Paul should also provide plenty of offensive value in the intermediate area.