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Off-Season Recap of All of UK Redskin's All-22 Game Film Reviews

With the start of training camp just over a week away, here's a recap of all of UKRedskin's game film review starting with basic Redskins personnel packages then film review of the 2013 draft picks. Also included is predictive Xs and Os of how Kyle Shanahan can evolve his offense.

Redskins Personnel Packages

Redskins Playbook: Personnel Groupings Part One
The first part of a series looking at the different personnel groups used by the Redskins offense starting with Base and Tiger.

Redskins Playbook: Personnel Groupings Part Two
The second part of a series looking at the different personnel groups used by the Redskins offense. This time we look at 'U' and 'Goal line' personnel.

Redskins Playbook: Personnel Groupings Part Three
The third part of a series looking at the different personnel groups used by the Redskins offense. Today we discuss 'Zebra' and 'E' groups.

Redskins Playbook: Personnel Groupings Part Four
The final part of a series looking at the different personnel groups used by the Redskins offense. We finish with'Eagle' and 'Trey' personnel.

Game Film Review of 2013 Draft Picks

Xs & Os - Breaking Down Redskins Draft Pick Chris Thompson - UKRedskin
A look at some FSU game film of Chris Thompson.

Jordan Reed, Chris Thompson & The No-Huddle Offense
Could the Redskins 2013 draft class have set them up with the pieces needed to run an effective no-huddle offense?

Xs and Os - Chris Thompson And The Wheel Route - UKRedskin
Clearly Shanahan rates Thompson highly, which has me intrigued to see how the Redskins could use him. One of the best receiving backs in the league is Darren Sproles. So I set about watching some Saints film to see how the Saints got the most out of him. Needless to say, there were plenty of screen passes. The Redskins have the athletic lineman with the ability to get out to the edge and set up a screen, but this is nothing new to any of us.

Breaking Down Redskins 6th Round Pick, Safety Bacarri Rambo - Hogs Haven
The Redskins picked the third of their three defensive backs with the 191st selection of the 2013 NFL Draft, but Bacarri Rambo was my personal favorite pick out of all of them. Rambo was probably...

Breaking Down Redskins 4th Round Pick Phillip Thomas - Hogs Haven
A look at the pros and cons of Phillip Thomas' Fresno game film.

RGIII and the 2013 Offense

The Traditional Mike Shanahan Offense Isn't Necessarily Safer for Robert Griffin III - Hogs Haven
A look at how the read-option actually helps protect Robert Griffin III better than Mike Shanahan's traditional naked-bootleg plays. Xs and Os.

Redskins Offense Next Step: Read-Option Packaged With Routes? - Hogs Haven
A look at how the Redskins offense could evolve in 2013 with RGIII.

Who Says Redskins Run College Offense With Robert Griffin III? - Hogs Haven
A widespread view in the NFL is that the Redskins run a college spread/option offense. While they use some option plays, the foundation of their offense is based on much more traditional concepts that even Peyton Manning has been using for years.

Redskins X's and O's Mailbag - Hogs Haven
How to stop the read-option: Xs and Os.

Specific Plays

Redskins Playbook: 18-19 Bounce Run Series - Hogs Haven
With the Redskins adding more speed to their backfield, could the 18-19 Bounce series be called more frequently?

2012 Season

Washington Redskins 3rd Down Efficiency Against New York Giants
A detailed breakdown the Redskins third down offense against the Giants third down defense.

Read-Option Slows Down NFL's Best Pass-Rushers | Fanspeak
Everyone has talked about Robert Griffin III needing to protect himself and stay in the pocket more, but they don't realize that the read-option does just validated by this Skins game film against Dallas and DeMarcus Ware.

All-22 Film Breakdown: Redskins Guard Josh LeRibeus
Josh LeRibeus has taken a lot of criticism this offseason. Some of it has been fair, but a lot of it is unwarranted. Here we take a look at the All-22 film to see just how he did on the field in his limited action late last season.

Washington Redskins Best Play-Action Pass Concepts
The Redskins built a deadly play-action passing game from the foundation of their strong run game. Here we breakdown the Redskins best play-action concepts using the All-22 footage.

All-22 Film Breakdown: Redskins Nose Tackle Barry Cofield
Good 3-4 nose tackles are hard to come by in the NFL. The Redskins went out and signed Barry Cofield to be the heart of their defense, but just how effective was he? We break down the film to find out.