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Daily Slop: Is Garçon the key to the Offense?; In What Scenario Would the Redskins not win the NFC East?

Daily Collection of Redskins News From Around the Web


Are injury concerns for RG3 warranted? - Rich Tandler's Real Redskins
Although he didn’t directly say it, part of the reason that ESPN’s Ron Jaworski ranked Robert Griffin III as the 13th-best starting quarterback in the NFL—a ranking that many thought was too low—is because his 2012 season ended with him having suffered a knee injury that required reconstructive surgery. And although Jaws didn’t come out a say it, many others have. They are concerned about RG3’s future, both in the short and long term, due to his knee. Although such...

Is Garçon the key to the offense? - Rich Tandler's Real Redskins
Last month when ranked the top 40 wide receivers in the NFL, they had the Redskins’ Pierre Garçon at No. 24 in the "prove it" category. Looking at the list, while one could quibble with a few spots it seems that Garçon belongs somewhere in the middle of that pack, which is where he is. Although Garçon may not be the best wide receiver out there you can make a solid case that he is one of the most...

Read-Option Slows Down League's Best Pass Rushers |

A diagram breakdown on how the read-option slowed down a number of the leagues best pass rushers and opened up things for the Redskins offense.

Kirk Cousins sings Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’

How Does Mike Shanahan Always Churn Out RB Success? | Bleacher Report
Lots of fancy stats and graphs here.

Who (if anyone) will be the third QB? | Comcast SportsNet Washington

Redskins’ O-Line settled, with room for improvement
There’s little doubt about the starting five, though there’s a slight window open at right tackle. This group works well together, and in their stretch zone attack, continuity and familiarity matters a lot.

Why the Redskins Can be a Success or Failure in 2013 |

A look at what keys to watch this year that will make or break the Redskins season.

In what scenario would the Redskins not win the NFC East?
Hogs Haven last month posted that it sees the Redskins winning the division at 11-5, with Dallas 9-7, the Giants 8-8 and the Eagles 6-10. As you might expect. In May, on the Giants’ Web site, three writers thought it was fiction that the Redskins would be New York’s toughest in-division competition.

More on RG3's popularity, psychoanalysis and his motivations - Washington Times
A few thoughts to supplement Wednesday's newspaper feature that psychoanalyzes Robert Griffin III's exploding popularity, including my take on his motivation for connecting with fans.

Need to Know: Camp countdown at two weeks - Rich Tandler's Real Redskins
Here is what you need to know on this Thursday, July 11, 14 days before the Redskins start training camp. Two weeks until training camp The countdown to training camp is rolling along and we’re two short weeks away from getting things rolling down at the brand new Bon Secours training center in Richmond. From what we saw there earlier this week, the field and the building will be ready. How about the team? We are at the status quo...

The Redskins Blog | Ryan Kerrigan Not Too Famous For Chores

The Redskins Blog | Todd Collins’ Historic 2007 Run Relived

#RedskinsTalk Analyst Google+ Hangout
Each week,'s Brian Tinsman joins CSNWashington's Tarik El-Bashir and Rich Tandler to answer YOUR fan questions from around Redskins Nation.

FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS: Innovative Statistics, Intelligent Analysis | 2012 Rushing Success by Number of Backs

Roger Goodell can be questioned in Super Bowl lawsuits, judge says - ESPN
A Texas judge has reversed an earlier ruling and says NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell can be questioned by attorneys for ticket-holders who sued after they were displaced when seats weren't properly installed for the 2011 Super Bowl at Cowboys Stadium.

League intends to sideline players not following new padding guidelines | ProFootballTalk
The National Football League has made it mandatory for players to wear knee and thigh pads beginning with the upcoming season. Many players, especially at the wide receiver and defensive back positions, have elected not to wear the padding in previous years (such as Seattle's Sidney Rice and Atlanta...

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