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Video: Fred Smoot Rap Draft with Josh Morgan, Jordan Bernstine, and Shawn Springs

At the filming of the Fred Smoot Show on the night of the 2013 NFL draft, Hogs Haven's Ken Meringolo led a snake draft selecting the best rap acts of all time - the results were....interesting.

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Springs, Bernstine, Smoot,Ken, Josh Morgan
Springs, Bernstine, Smoot,Ken, Josh Morgan

When doing a draft show, there's only so much college football one can talk about. Ken decided to take a left turn and hold a fantasy draft where each of the people on the show, Shawn Springs, Jordan Bernstine, Fred Smoot, Ken Meringolo, and Josh Morgan, draft their best rap artists/groups of all time. This actually turned out to be quite entertaining as Ken showed his age with rap acts several of the young Redskins have never heard of (which I equate to old fantasy football farts drafting Jon Kitna in the first round of their 2008 league). Some highlights:

  • Josh Morgan trying to select Maybach Music as a group,
  • Smoot saying Ken might as well having picked the Partridge Family when picking Pharcyde
  • Pac and Biggie not making the first three picks,
  • Drake being even on this board
  • Snoop never getting picked
  • The first pick being an album and not a group.
  • The amazing, while somewhat brief amount of butt-kissing for Wale
  • The winner of the draft was selected by RGIII Woman, who makes a guest appearance on the show at the end.

Special thanks to Harrison Weinhold for his production of the draft day show. Kid has skills.

The Fred Smoot Show - Rapper Draft from Ryan Mertins on Vimeo.

The list of picks...