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2013 Washington Redskins Flag Football Fantasy Draft--Round Five

The fifth round of picks in the Redskins fantasy flag football reveal quality is still on the board.

Dilip Vishwanat

Here's the 5th round in which Ken picked first, then Kevin, then Shoup....

Hyrule Tektites (Ken) - DeAngelo Hall - Speed, speed, speed...gotta have speed in the flag game. In DeAngelo Hall, I get speed, hands, agility and coverage skills. Hall and Amerson make a formidable combo at corner, capable of locking down any receiver duo Kevin and Steve will throw at the Tektites. On offense, Hall becomes a threat out of the backfield and in motion. He can take direct snaps to the house, and he can become a huge factor underneath. Orakpo and Helu will cause the unforced errors from Reed and Rambo and Hall and Amerson will scoop up those errors and take them the other way.

Cerrato's Pea Brain (Kevin) - Josh Morgan - Oh, Kenny. Still defending the Orakpo pick, eh? Under-performing draft picks are respectable (by someone, just not sure who). Josh Morgan played Quarterback, WR and CB while playing at H.D. Woodson High in D.C. At Tech he was a KR, WR, and split-end on Special Teams. This guy is the ultimate Swiss army knife of flag football. The run on two way players with speed continues.

Baugh Bombers (Shoup) - Santana Moss - The Bombers are bringing back the Smurfs and Moss is the final piece of the puzzle. Ken's scouting report may believe that Rambo will be throwing the ball a lot, but really it will be Captain Kirk who pump fakes Hall/Amerson all the way down the field. Moss with Thompson and Robinson give me a great combination of shiftiness and speed. Moss may no longer be a 4.3 speed guy, but he's still pretty fast and I'm think him and Cousins will reenact their TD versus the Falcons quite a bit on the Flag Football Gridiron. Moss also is a great route runner and knows how to work back with a quarterback.

Note: This is a snake draft where Ken selected first.






Pat White

Jordan Reed

Chris Thompson


Brian Orakpo

Pierre Garcon

Bacarri Rambo


David Amerson Phillip Thomas Kirk Cousins


Roy Helu Josh Wilson Aldrick Robinson


DeAngelo Hall Josh Morgan Santana Moss