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George Starke's Facebook Photos Are a Gold Mine

A handful of George Starke's photos, which include many Hogs photos and Tony Kornheiser with a fullish head of hair.

via George's Starke's Faceobook

These photos were borrowed with love from George Starke's Facebook photos:

This might be the only picture of Russ Grimm put together.



RFK around 1977 with George Allen


Via Starke's Facebook comment: Washington Redskins "After Hours" TV show filmed at Falls Church Champions c1988. Two of the hosts were "Head Hog" George Starke and Tony Kornheiser (now on ESPN Pardon The Interuption) and guest football great Lyle Alzado of Los Angeles Raiders. Sad to say Lyle left us in 1992


Redskins Saturday Night TV Show with Pete Wysocki, George Starke, Tony Kornheiser and Charles Mann at Champions Sports Bar Washington DC. c1984.


Hall of Fame great Russ Grimm on Redskins Saturday Night with Pete Wysocki, George Starke and Don Geronimo at Champions Sports Bar Washington DC. c1984.


Doc Walker, Don Warren, Ken Huff, George Starke, Mark May, Jeff Bostic, Russ Grimm, Joe Jacoby, and Joe Bugel. Here's another photo via the Washington Post of them in these shirts but with pads, and Mark May.


Livin the dream....


George worked the last two years at the White House, presumably as part of his company, Starke Communiations LLC.