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Measurables Vs. Instincts

Are size and speed more coveted in the NFL than pure football instincts?


In a perfect world a football player would have both great measurables and superior football instincts. We also know that this is far from a perfect world. The majority of NFL skill position players have a combination of these two traits. The great ones have them both. The average ones are usually higher in one of the two areas.

The question here is, if you had to choose between having exceptional measurables, such as height, weight, speed, explosion, and overall athletic ability versus. having great football instincts, but being limited athletically, what would you choose in your player?

Our very own London Fletcher is a great example of this type of question. London is not the biggest, fastest, most explosive athlete at his position, but his exceptional instincts as a linebacker make him one of the leagues best.

One the other side of the coin you have a guy like LaRon Landry. He has every measurable one could imagine, but his football instincts don't quite match up to his god given size and athleticism.

Now, the argument has been made for decades, that you can't teach size or speed, but you can teach technique, that could help increase reaction time, which can enhance ones instincts a bit. You can also watch a ton of film, and this may help awareness and play recognition.

Either way, you have one choice. Measurable Vs. Instincts. You're creating your Madden 2013 NFL player. What are you going to bless him with?

Please give your reasoning in the comments section.

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“We threw a touchdown pass on him in seven-on-seven yesterday where he had the guy covered pretty well but it was still completed,” Cousins said after the practice at Redskins Park. “He was very frustrated about that. He walked by me today in the locker room just before we came out here and he goes, ‘I’m gonna pick you off today.’ And I shook my head. I go, ‘All right. You know, all right.’ And sure enough, he picks me off. Obviously he knows what he’s doing. Whether or not he was lucky or he actually knew what was going to happen, the fact of the matter is he did pick me off.”