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Reaction to RG3 and Shanahan Pressers: "Without a Doubt" Guarantees Nothing, but is Still Encouraging

Head Coach Mike Shanahan and quarterback Robert Griffin III addressed the media after Thursday's OTA's. Dan Ciarrocchi shares his reaction to their comments.


- The biggest takeaway from both Mike Shanahan and Robert Griffin III's Thursday press conferences is Griffin responding "without a doubt" after he was asked if training camp was a realistic target. People are going to draw conclusions from this, but despite the strong words, not much can be made of this. Saying "without a doubt" that training camp is a realistic target doesn't mean he'll return then "without a doubt." It means he is progressing as planned, and he has the mindset to get back to business as soon as possible, but also as soon as it's safe to.

Because of this, seeing RG3 in a yellow jersey come July 25 is a real possibility, but let's not twist his words into anything more than what they are.

- Additionally, Mike Shanahan reiterated that he will allow Griffin to participate upon the discretion of the doctors and will proceed with caution. The doctors informed him when the injury happened that Griffin had a seven-to-nine month recovery ahead of him, and training camp's July 25 date would be ahead of schedule. This story is only going to get more interesting as that date nears.

- In non-RG3 tidbits, Roy Helu, Jr. practiced with the team today instead of being limited to individual drills. I've stated before that the running back position is wide open behind Alfred Morris on the depth chart, and a healthy Helu could be a great weapon. He doesn't have the explosion that say, a healthy Chris Thompson would have, but few would. Helu's knowledge of the offense and his ability in pass protection would make him a nice third-down complement to have on the team.

- Tight end prospect DeAngelo Peterson broke his foot during OTAs. The tight end position is deep this year with Fred Davis, Jordan Reed, Niles Paul and Logan Paulsen ahead of Peterson on the depth chart. Peterson's an intriguing guy, but if he doesn't get a chance to show what he can do, there's no chance of him making this team.

- Speaking of Davis, Shanahan said that Davis could play in a game this week if there was one, but are limiting him from team drills as a precaution. A healthy Davis would add yet another explosive element to the offense. Davis averaged about four catches and 52 yards receiving per game before his torn Achilles sidelined him for the remainder of the season. Those numbers don't sound impressive, but if you dig deeper, Davis averaged 1.96 yards per route run. Only Rob Gronkowski had a better efficiency than that among tight ends with over 150 routes. Let's see what Davis can do in this offense with more chances.

- Chase Minnifield is also practicing, though he was limited on Thursday as a precaution. I can't wait for the Hogs Haven explosion when he suits up for preseason, or the makeshift Canton enshrinement for him in the comments section if he intercepts a pass. Health has always been his issue, and it's with good reason that people are starved to see what he can do in real game action. He could be the next diamond in the rough for this team.

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