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Who starts for the Redskins at Inside Linebacker in Week 16?

Who do you think will be the starters for week 17? Vote and comment below to let me know what you think.

Win McNamee

In my mind, the starting inside linebacker's for the Redskins have been very effective for the past few season. London Fletcher has been the ageless wonder over his career and he is finally being recognized for his talents by the rest of the NFL. Fletcher is the league’s "Iron man" with his longest active streak of games started in the NFL. He collected 3 sacks, 5 interceptions, and 78 tackles this past season, continuing to show his effectiveness at the linebacker position. Perry Riley is no slouch either. Riley collected 3 sacks and 78 tackles this season and has been a bright spot at the inside linebacker position as well. Keenan Robinson and Bryan Kehl are also on the depth chart at inside linebacker and could step in if Fletcher or Riley are injured.

While these two have been a terrifying combination for the past three years, will they both be starting by week 17? Will London Fletcher start to show signs of his age and will the Iron man streak end? Will Robinson or Kehl have to step in at the inside linebacker for Fletcher or Riley by week 17?