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Got Fantasy Football Questions? Ask Dan Now!

Depth charts are starting to take shape across the league now that the draft is over and free agency has slowed to a trickle. That means it's time to start getting a leg-up on your fantasy league. If you have questions, Dan Ciarrocchi of Pro Football Focus will answer.


It's not too early for this.

The draft is over, free agent signings have slowed to a trickle and rosters for the 2013 football season are taking shape. There's still a lot to monitor with offseason team activities under way and training camp on the horizon, but there is still enough information out there to properly answer some fantasy football questions going forward.

For those of you who are new to either Hogs Haven, let me give a little bit of background on what's going on here. In addition to being an editor for Hogs Haven, I'm also a contributing writer to Pro Football Focus Fantasy and write "Dan's Sack," a fantasy football mailbag, each week during the regular season. Hogs Haven readers send me their questions through the comments section or on Twitter, and I answer them in a post. These can be questions about starts and sits, draft strategies, trades, how to appropriately troll your fantasy leagues, you name it.

This year, I've decided to extend that into the offseason. This won't be a weekly occurrence since games haven't started, but it's never too early to send questions in and get a leg-up on your opponent. Depth charts and rosters will continue to shuffle this summer, and now is the time to start keeping tabs on who to draft and how to draft.

So with that said, let's get the fantasy season under way. Post your questions in the comments section or ask me via Twitter @PFF_Dan. The answers will be posted later in the week. Best of luck to everyone this year.