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Looks Like Someone Has a Sixpack of the Mondays

Donovan McNabb says RG3 is "doing too much." If he said RG3 was doing too little, I would believe him, since that is where his Redskins expertise lies.


1. Rule Number One to getting your name in the news: criticize Robert Griffin III. Donovan McNabb said in a recent interview with Mike Wise that RG3 is "doing too much." I'm not sure what bothers me worse: what happened in episode nine of Game of Thrones or that Don Burgundy is questioning RG3. Great retired quarterbacks offer insightful criticism directed toward great current quarterbacks all the time, and we have no problem with that. It is when a guy that is still smoldering from the fire that ended his time with this team offers offbeat analysis of the player that just took that team to the playoffs that I start to get a little agitated.

2. Would wearing an arm band have been "doing too much?"

3. I recall a certain two-minute drill at the end of a certain Detroit game that our head coach didn't even trust this guy to lead. It gets worse...the player they trusted more than him was named Rex Grossman. All you had to do in order to be on the field, Donovan, was bring your decade-plus of experience to bear on studying the Shanahan offense. Would that have been "doing too much?"

4. When McNabb came to town, he represented a canteen of fresh water for a fanbase dying of thirst. He could have quenched our desire for a quarterback, but instead, the canteen was emptied in front of our faces. I just don't appreciate it when a puddle of dirty canteen water bitches and moans.

5. McNabb is like a character from The Walking Dead. He died, slowly turned into a monster, and has been trying to kill my common sense ever since. For some reason, any words he mutters about Washington enter my ears and slowly melt my brain.

6. Donovan McNabb's career went down in flames here in D.C., which puts him in a club that is hardly exclusive. Although we gambled on Andy Reid being wrong and lost, at least we jettisoned #5 when we realized that he was done "doing too much" in his own career. Isn't there some statute of limitations for how long a fanbase should be protected from hearing the ramblings of a quarterback that came from a rival and then failed to perform at a high level in home colors? Now...I wonder what Jeff George thinks about RG3?