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When Football's Not Here........

The Emptiness I Feel When Football's Not Here

Jonathan Ferrey

As the frost-bitten mornings of spring disappear;

and the warm days of summer are soon to be here.

I feel a hole so empty and wide;

that nothing can fill it from deep down inside.

Yes the dogs days of summer bring sun, fun and cheer;

but to me they are empty, because football's not here.

The swish of a net, or the crack of a bat;

leave much to be desired..........I'll just leave it at that.

The 4th of July lights up the sky;

and a warm summer sunset brings a tear to my eye.

As the smell of the grill gently floats through the air;

and the smoke of a campfire clings to your hair.

The laughter of children playing out in the sun;

and the neighborhood pool provides hours of fun.

But the glass is half empty, and not very clear;

and it doesn't feel right with football not here.

Without football, what would I be;

a rootless plant, a leafless tree?...............

An un-made bed, a poem half written;

a frost-bitten hand with no warmth of a mitten.

But I know that this void will soon go away;

as the start of preseason gets closer each day.

The crack of the pads, and the loud whistle blowing;

will undoubtedly get my blood flowing.

Training camp stories, and team progress notes;

media surrounding the Skins like a moat.

Our future which rests on a young RG3;

hangs in the balance of his injured knee.

The right tackle battle, the number two wide receiver;

can the rookies at safety make you a believer?

Can Kirk take the reigns if Griffins not ready?.............

will Kai learn to kick the ball deeper than the twenty?

Can Orakpo regain form from a pectoral tear?...........

can Amerson learn just to peek, not stare?

Only 53 men will be chosen from many;

so get out your torches, and have pitchforks ready,..........

for when Doughty gets cut, an angry mob will conspire;

and will call for Mike Shanahan to retire.

But fear not my friends, for you all soon shall see;

that our record this year will be better by three!

Yes the summer is filled with many wonderful things;

with the fun and happiness warm weather brings.

But to me the fun starts when summers end is near;

for that's when I know football's finally here!