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Redskins Still Getting No Respect in 2013 Season Predictions

Once again, when it comes to the football preview magazines, the Redskins are the Rodney Dangerfield of the NFL.

It's that time of year again. In the month of June, the NFL prognostication magazines start to trickle out. As I have done since I was a kid, I went to the bookstore this month to see what experts expected to see from my team, the Washington Redskins, in 2013. More often than not in the last twenty years, the predictions have not been favorable. Unfortunately for a fan like me, they have often been right.

However, this season, coming off of the drafting of Robert Griffin III and an NFC East championship, I thought surely things would be different for the upcoming campaign.

You can imagine, then, my disappointment with what I have found so far:

Lindy's Pro Football 2013 Preview*:

NFC East Prediction:

1) Dallas Cowboys

2) Washington Redskins

3) Philadelphia Eagles

4) New York Giants

Redskins qualify for postseason? No

Key Quote: "The Redskins' fortunes will ride on Robert Griffin's knee. Not only when he will be able to play, but whether he can stay healthy."

Athlon Sports Pro Football 2013 Preview:

NFC East Prediction:

1) New York Giants

2) Dallas Cowboys

3) Philadelphia Eagles

4) Washington Redskins (really?)

Redskins qualify for postseason? Nope. As an added bonus, they have the Redskins ranked as only the 12th best team in the NFC.

Key Quote: "RG3's knee is the talk of D.C."(This was their only listed reason after picking the Skins to finish last in the division.)

Sporting News Pro Football 2013:

NFC East Prediction:

1) New York Giants

2) Dallas Cowboys

3) Philadelphia Eagles

4) Washington Redskins (unbelievable!)

Redskins qualify for postseason? Not unless fourth place in the division qualifies.

Key Quote: "First to worst isn't unusual in this uber-competitive division. The concerns about Robert Griffin III's health and the defense's ability to hold up so well again are enough to put them last in line."


There are a couple items here that I would like to point out before anyone starts sending strongly worded emails and placing flaming bags on the front porches of the really smart people who run these magazines. First, I will give them all the benefit of the doubt and say it is probable that at press time, they had not yet learned that Griffin is insanely ahead of schedule. He is already doing explosive sprints and cutting, and instead of being "All In for Week One", he is now hoping to be ready for the start of training camp. You would certainly think that this news would change some of these predictions.

Second, I find it odd that as soon as the Redskins capture the NFC East, these magazines now believe it's time to start pointing out that no team has won back-to-back NFC East titles in nine seasons. However, not counting the 1982 strike season, the Redskins have never won the division title two years in a row. Never.

Even with all this being the case, I, as a rose-colored glasses wearing fan, had really hoped this year might finally be the year in which I could actually open the page to see my team being picked to win their division and make a run in the postseason. Nay, it again was not to be.

Maybe next year I suppose. Some teams just get no respect.

*Lindy's is, by far, my favorite preseason prognostication magazine because of their comprehensive roster analysis. I will be back buying them again next season even though they continue to jab a stake through my heart.