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Getting To Know the 2013 Washington Redskins: Jacolby Ashworth

A look at what is to come from former Houston Tackle, Jacolby Ashworth.

Brett Deering


Jacolby Ashworth

6’3", 300 lb.


Offensive Line (Left Tackle)


Twitter handle: NA

Key Career Stats

2012 First-Team All-Conference (OL)

2011 Second-Team All-Conference (OL)

40 Games over 5 seasons (Redshirted Freshman year and Redshirted Junior year)

What is coming in 2013: While Ashworth played Left Tackle most of his college career, he moved to guard his senior year and he is likely to play there in the NFL. Ashworth is not likely to be an offensive contributor this season. However, his hard work and dedication to his craft could prove him to be a valuable contributor to the Redskins offense in 2014. He will likely end up on the practice squad this season or will not be with the Redskins after the preaseaon