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2013 Washington Redskins Flag Football Fantasy Draft--Round Three

Three teams are almost halfway complete in the second annual Redskins Flag Football Fantasy Draft

Nick Wass

The Hyrule Tektites are BACK! Just when you thought my team couldn't get any uglier--from a flag football perspective--the third round comes along and puts some serious shine on a team that all of a sudden has a chance.

Round 3

Hyrule Tektites: In the first two rounds, I got the best quarterback available and the best pass rusher available. I have never played in a flag football game where the team that put the most pressure on the quarterback lost, so having Orapko chase around Kevin's and Steve's high school quarterbacks should help immensely. But I still need a player with size and speed to play receiver and cornerback. Hello, David Amerson. Size? Check. Speed? He ran a 4.4 40-yard dash at the NFL Combine. Hands? He led the NCAA in interception in 2011 and possesses the ability play the ball in the air. We'll have to eventually add someone who is a bit more of a natural receiver, but Amerson should be able to step in on defense and bring down the ducks that will be flying as a result of Orakpo forcing bad decisions. On offense, he would likely not be our #1 target, but he is someone that will surely factor in the red zone.

Cerrato's Pea Brain: The ridiculousness of Ken and his draft picks never cease to amaze me. After declaring that every player is an eligible receiver, he goes and drafts the Redskin with the worst hands on the team. As for Rak's defensive rushing, he makes no sense in flag football given his top heavy strength and inability to change directions quickly. Cerrato's Pea Brain selects Phillip Thomas. There is a lot to love with Phillip Thomas. In his senior season of high school, he averaged 7.2 yards per carry as a running back, so his ability to run with the ball is are his hands. Last season at Fresno State, he had eight INT's, which led the nation and was more than 29 FBS teams had. Thomas was a finalist for the Jim Thorpe award (top defensive back in the nation), so picking off Pat White's ducks should be a piece of cake.

Baugh's Bombers: With the final pick in the third round, Baugh's Bombers select Kirk Cousins. Though I mentioned Rambo as a QB option with my last set of picks, I come away with the best possible quarterback in this draft. Sure he's not a dual threat guy, but he's going to be by far the most accurate QB and throw the best deep ball. He'll have some limitations, but he should make every receiver that much better.

Note: This is a snake draft where Ken selected first.






Pat White

Jordan Reed

Chris Thompson


Brian Orakpo

Pierre Garcon

Bacarri Rambo


David Amerson Phillip Thomas Kirk Cousins