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Aaron Hernandez Open Discussion Thread

This is the place for the Hogs Haven community to discuss the ongoing Aaron Hernandez situation.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The ongoing Aaron Hernandez story continues to dominate the news cycle and with good reason. Though this is not directly a Redskins related story, the magnitude of it warrants a place for the Hogs Haven community to discuss it as it unfolds.

Per reports, Hernandez was in handcuffs and taken from his home by Massachusetts State Police Wednesday morning, though his official charge has yet to be released at this time. The charge will be released once his arraignment takes place Wednesday at 2 p.m.

Hours after his arrest, Hernandez was released by the New England Patriots.

On June 17, the body of Odin Lloyd was found less than a mile away from Hernandez’s North Attleboro home, and his death was confirmed as a homicide according to authorities. The police have since visited Hernandez’s home multiple times following Lloyd’s death, and recovered evidence after obtaining a search warrant. That evidence has not been revealed at this time.

For more, follow SB Nation’s Hernandez story stream and