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Getting To Know the 2013 Washington Redskins: Richard Crawford

A look back on Richard Crawford's 2012 season with the Redskins and a look at what is to come in 2013.

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Richard Crawford, 5’11", 188 lb

Southern Methodist University, Cornerback

2nd year in the League and with the Redskins

Twitter handle: @Rich_Crawford6

Key Career Stats

2012 Stats: 18 tackles, 2 Passes Defended, 1 Interception

2012 Highlight: Getting an interception against Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys in week 17 for the NFC East Championship is a good way to become a fan favorite in Washington. Richard Crawford was in the right place at the right time to catch an errant throw from Tony Romo in the early part of the game and took away points from the Cowboys because of that interception. It was not a game ending interception, but that was a close game in week 17 and I do not think we would have won it without Richard Crawford.

2012 Lowlight: In all honesty, I for the life of me cannot think of a bad play he had during the regular season. I remember both of the passes he defended towards the end of the season and he was playing exceedingly well as the nickel corner. Crawford was the only corner back I had nothing bad to say about after last season’s early defensive back struggles.

What is coming in 2013: The cornerback position has a great deal of competition this season, but Crawford impressed during OTA’s. Crawford came into camp in great shape, lined up against slot receivers, and displayed more versatility by lining up against outside receivers. I am not sure if Crawford is ready to take on either the number 1 or number 2 corner positions, but he is certainly competing for one of the jobs. DeAngelo Hall, Josh Wilson, E.J. Biggers, and David Amerson figure to be in the mix for the 2 starting cornerback jobs and the nickel corner job, but I would not be surprised at all if Crawford comes into the season as one of the starting 2 corners. If he does not, I think he will likely get some snaps in nickel corner job with E. J. Biggers.