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The Fun Bunch Podcast - Episode #1 - Mike Wise

Because nothing is better than than a podcast full of has-beens.

Last night, in a basement in Kensington, a podcast was born.

Hosted by your beloved Hogs Haven editors Ken and Kevin with Chris, CJ, Johnson from the ol' Mike Wise Show, this special hour+ podcast (seriously, I promise we won't go this long again) features the reunion of Mike and Ceej for the first time since their show's untimely death, plenty of Redskins talk and of course, plenty of Mike Wise name-change fodder for your listening pleasure.

After CJ's bitter rant to Mike Wise about not being on the radio anymore, the first 34.5 minutes are dedicated to RG3, NFL Top 100, offseason and credit or blame for the Shanahans.

At 34:50 we turn the conversation to Mike Wise, reporting live from his living room while changing his son's diaper.

At 59:50 we wrap up the show with some final thoughts, predictions and insults.