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Hogs Haven Writers Challenge II: Taking Story Requests

In the comments section, provide any random topic and one of our writers will find a way to apply the Redskins to it. Here's a recap from the well-done results the last time we did this.

Kudos to Harrison for winning the inaugural run of this in a landslide 64% of the votes. Here is the recap of last year's stories:

Hogs Haven Writers Challenge I
Kevin Ewoldt Applying Redskins to South Park's "OMG They Killed Kenny"
Dan Ciarrocchi Draft a Starting Lineup for Redskins Using Athletes from MLB, NHL and NBA
Ken Meringolo The Kaneebus and the Ding (Dr. Seuss)
Tiller56 Twilight the Movie - Redskins Style
Harrison Weinhold A letter of Inspiration to RG3 from Kenny Powers

I thought I had this won early using my gifs' expertise, but Ken wrote a Dr. Seuss poem, Tiller somehow articulated a novel about Twilight, Dan broke down all the 3 other sports, and Harrison's hit a homerun with his interpretation of Kenny Powers, all of which left me flat in the dust. I surely won't underestimate the field this year! $25 to the poll winner...same as last.

Anyway, comment below any random story line or movie or anything and I'll compile them for the staff to choose from.