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Looks Like Someone Has a Sixpack of the Mondays

This week we introduce a new podcast and relish the insanely high entry point of a Redskins player on the Top 100 Players list.


1. In an announcement that is certain to excite tens of people, we will be starting a new podcast adventure this evening. Currently, the show is "Untitled", but will feature the podcasting stylings of Chris "CJ" Johnson (a mainstay on sports radio in Washington, DC for over a decade), Kevin Ewoldt, and yours truly. We will be joined behind the boards and on the mic by Harrison Weinhold, former producer at 106.7 The Fan. We will be joined by guests, friends, family, pets, well-wishers and a dying plant that I have vowed will live long enough to see the Redskins win the Super Bowl.

2. Don't tell the plant, but I intend to stack a Washington roster on Madden and hoist the trophy before taking it off of its life support. In my house, if a plant can't soak up the water, nutrients and sunlight it needs from the air around it and the occasional beer dumped onto it, then its chances of surviving long enough to graduate from the Ben and Jerry's pint carton planter to the Edy's half-gallon carton planter are slim.

3. We will be able to accept callers as well as stream the show live--but likely not on our first day (come on...we're taping in like, three hours). Harrison tells me that he may have it set up for tonight, and if that is the case, we'll get a tweet out with the relevant information.

4. One segment we are doing that I would like to open up to the readers is a "Finish This Sentence" bit. If we get a few good ones, I'll throw them in with the ones we come up with. Tonight's "Finish This Sentence" is: "Redskins fans need to do a better job in 2013 of..."

5. Answers I would like to preemptively remove from consideration: "Tebowing", "calling their mothers", and "wiping". Sorry're just going to have to dig deeper.

6. I would be happy to allow the Cal Ripken-esque streak of Sixpacks with an RG3 mention to end naturally, but this week is not the week. I finally watched my DVR'ed "Top 100 Players" episode that featured our very own Robert Griffin III at #15. Of course I am selfishly happy that he was the highest ranked rookie passer. Of course I am selfishly happy that he is ranked higher than Joe Flacco. Wait...really? Now, I am not saying that I think Joe Flacco is better than Thrizzle. I don't think that. But this list is about what players think, and I am shocked that the players saw what Joe Flacco did last season--especially down the stretch--and kept him out of the top 15 of this list. For that matter, is anyone else a bit blown away that Matt Ryan was slotted further back than Thrizzle? Matty Ice!?!?!?! I love listening to players talk about Griffin and what he did on the field. It is an unbelievable feeling to have a quarterback that in one short year, has earned the respect of his peers around the league. We loved Thrizzle before he ever played a down. These guys love him because of everything he did on each and every down of the season. It is so...refreshing. Usually by this time in the career of some of the guys we either drafted or signed, the rest of the league was using their name as a punch line.

Look for the rest of the flag football draft this week.