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Daily Slop: D.C. Recognizes Native son Josh Morgan; Redskins Plans Hinge on Recovering Meriweather

Daily Collection of Redskins News From Around the Web


Need to Know: Haz says Jenkins feeling more comfortable - Rich Tandler's Real Redskins
Jarvis Jenkins was the talk of training camp as a rookie when he came in after being drafted in the second round in 2011. He was quick and strong coming off of the ball and he was seriously challenging Adam Carriker for the starting job at right defensive end.

Redskins Plans Hinge on Recovering Meriweather " CBS DC
afety has been a headache for the Redskins ever since its most dynamic performer there over the last three and a half decades, Sean Taylor, was shot and killed in November 2007.

Fixing the Redskins Penalty Problem -

Taking a look at the biggest offenders from last year and what penalties gave them problems.

Brandon Jenkins and the Skins' pass rush - NFC East Blog - ESPN
Jenkins will have to compete with an already very talented group of outside linebackers for playing time this season. It’s tough to imagine him starting a game with Brian Orakpo, Ryan Kerrigan, and Rob Jackson ahead of him on the depth chart as long as they are healthy. Because of the devastating nature of his injury, Jenkins may not be healthy enough to play at the beginning of the 2013 season, although his health is improving. He could end up being red-shirted his rookie year and have to focus on getting healthy.

Redskins have $1.4 million in salary cap space entering summer break - Washington Times
Washington, despite this year’s $18 million cap penalty imposed by the NFL and agreed upon by the NFL Players’ Association, still has enough cap space to sign a player or two. The Redskins are not likely, though, to sign a player they expect to play significant time, barring injuries.

The Redskins Blog | Expect ‘Eye-Popping’ FF Stats For No. 88

Pat White: 'I'll Do Anything To Help The Team'
A college superstar, QB Pat White faded under the pressure of the NFL. After being out of the league for three seasons, he sees an opportunity with the Washington Redskins and the read-option offense.

Redskins Position Battles: Offensive Tackle

NFL Players Gone Wild? The Month Before Training Camp | 4th & Pain
Washington Redskins defensive end Adam Carriker reveals what NFL players do in the last month of the offseason, just before training camp.

Balancing risk vs. reward with RG3 | Comcast SportsNet Washington

D.C. recognizes native son Josh Morgan | Comcast SportsNet Washington
In a ceremonial resolution Tuesday, Morgan was honored for not only his play on-the-field, but more importantly his impact off-the-field. The city will recognize Thursday, June 20, 2013, as "Josh Morgan Day" in the District.

Joe Theismann on the Redskins name
"I can tell you that when I was at the children’s hospital this morning, there was a young Native American boy there with his parents," the former quarterback explained. "His grandmother wanted a picture with me, and his father took the picture. And as I shook his hand the father said to me ‘You’re a Redskin,’ and he said it in a very complimentary way, which was very humbling to me."

Trueblood comes armed and ready for Redskins - Richmond Times Dispatch: Washington Redskins
"I had an arthritic shoulder a little bit," he said. "My bones were touching each other, so I had to have like a half-inch of my collarbone removed."

6 Overpaid Football Players |

Good News for Skins fans! No Redskins make the list and a pair of NFC East opponents do!

The Role of Age in the Success of the NFL QB - Over the Cap
Looking at the lifecycle of the NFL QB and the role age plays in their postseason success

Now Mike Florio Is Getting In Twitter Fights With NFL Mascots
Resident NBC/ProFootballTalk moron and supposed NFL maven Mike Florio took his lifelong itinerary of bad decisions to a new level last night, getting into Twitter beef with Jaguars mascot Jaxson de Ville.

Top 10 NFL Players Who Were Heisman Trophy Winners -

A list of the 10 players careers that RGIII will one day need to top.