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2013 Washington Redskins Flag Football Fantasy Draft: Round 1

If you had to pick a seven man flag football squad from the current Redskins roster, who would you pick?

Nick Wass

We're back for seconds on this one...but with a new addition. Steve Shoup joins Kevin and I in selecting a seven man flag football team from the Redskins current active roster, which is in its most bloated state right now.

As anyone who has played flag football before knows, there are many sets of rules floating around out there. We try to keep it simple:

* All players are assumed fully healthy (UPDATED)

* Automatic rush allowed for all defenders

* Full contact blocking on the line of scrimmage, but no downfield blocking

* No Kickoffs, but there are field goals

* The quarterback can run at will

* Everyone is an eligible receiver, so blitz at your own risk

* NO RG3

We have already gotten about halfway through the draft because if we were to do it in real time, you guys would give Kevin too much free assistance. As it stands, he thinks Kai Forbath's experience as a quarterback in Pop Warner makes him a real sleeper in this thing.

Here are our first round selections, with brief comments on each pick.

Round 1

Hyrule Tektites (Ken) -- I finally have the first overall pick for something and I can't get RG3...what a rip. Last year, I got killed by voters and commenters because my plan was to play Chase Minnifield and Josh Morgan at quarterback. While I stand by my front office's decision, I am choosing to go a different route this season. Many people scratched their heads when the Redskins signed Pat White earlier this year. Since I take great pride in my ability to rinse and repeat, my head required no scratching. I knew at that time that my team wouldn't be screwed if and when I was unable to secure Griffin. With the first pick in the 2013 Redskins Flag Football Draft, the Hyrule Tektites select Pat White. Is it possible for a league to be dominated after just the first overall pick? I think my selection just answered that question. White is obviously a hell of an athlete under center, and he can surely turn around and play a meaningful role on defense.

Cerrato's Pea Brain (Kevin) -- Jordan Reed as Quarterback led his high school to an undefeated regular season in 2007 and was a finalist for the 2008 Joe Montana High School Quarterback of the Year award. As a four-star recruit, Reed initially played quarterback at the University of Florida, so his triple threat ability of RB/WR/QB was evident at the highest level: the SEC. That seems like a much better package than Ken's first round pick, who infamously threw a pass so bad it hit Bill Parcells' golf cart.

Baugh's Bombers (Steve) -- I really wanted Jordan Reed, but will settle for a pair of other rookies with my top pick. Chris Thompson is pure speed, and with no worry of having to take any hits, his back injury is now a non-factor. Thompson is going to be my home run guy who takes a 5 yard pass and turns it into a 50 yard gain.

Stay tuned for Round Two...and let the harassment begin!