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Video: Jordan Reed Talks Playbook, RGIII, and Beyonce

At the 2013 NFLPA Rookie Premiere, Washington Redskins rookie tight end Jordan Reed spoke with SB Nation's Dan Rubenstein about his surprise being drafted by the Redskins, studying his playbook, and his relationship with QB Robert Griffin III.

This video was shot in mid-May by SBN Studios, so a special thanks to them for getting Reed to give a shout-out to Hogs Haven to start the video.

On if he knew the Redskins would draft him:

Not at all. I had no idea. They didn't show any interest at all. I got a call a couple days before the draft and they asked for my phone number.

On the playbook:

They got a complex offense all the things RGIII can do. As far as using me, they want to use me as an athletic tight end, move me around a lot, and create mismatches.

Reed also realllly didn't want to answer Rubenstein's question on who his celebrity crush is and/or what celebrity he'd want to take to the Oscars given he has a girlfriend. Respect.