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Getting To Know the 2013 Washington Redskins: Chris Thompson

A look back at the 2012 season for Chris Thompson at Florida State and a look at his 2013 season with the Redskins.

Al Messerschmidt

Chris Thompson, 5’7", 192 lb

Florida State, Running Back



Key Career Stats

1,735 rushing yards, 14 rushing touchdowns, 45 receptions, 430 receiving yards, 1 receiving touchdown

2012 Stats: 687 rushing yards, 5 rushing touchdowns, 21 receptions, 248 receiving yards

2012 Highlight/Lowlight: Chris Thompson was on pace for 1,000 rushing yards at Florida State before he was sidelined by a serious knee injury. During his senior season, she showed great burst, great cuts, and good ball handling. Below is his college highlight reel so you can get a sneak peak at this new Redskin.

What is coming in 2013: Thompson is the kind of running back that could be the perfect complement to Alfred Morris and the Redskins offense. He has great hands and could be an excellent change of pace back if he stays healthy this season. Thompson is recovering from an extensive ACL surgery and he has a history of injury issues. While Thompson has the advantage of competing with an injured Roy Helu and an unimpressive 2012 edition of Evan Royster, he will also have to compete with 7th round pick Jawan Jamison. Jamison may be the guy to beat to get snaps as the third down back, but I think Thompson’s health is his biggest competition at this point.



FSU RB Chris Thompson Senior Highlights (GET WELL CT!!!!) (via RayFoye Combo)