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Looks Like Someone Has a Sixpack of the Mondays

Hogs Haven business is important business, so let's clean it up so we can make it to happy hour on time.

Win McNamee

1. This week brings us a "cleaning up some family business" Sixpack. Every once in a while, the pile of notes on my desk of things that I "need to mention in a Sixpack" gets to the point where it starts to block my view of an old wallet size magazine cutout of Nicole Eggert that has to be at least 20 years old. There's only one word for this: unacceptable. Since I have no intention of dedicating prime real estate to whether or not the read-option truly protects Robert Griffin III or not, I figured I would knock some of these out. (Is anyone else waiting for Trojan to put out a new "Read-Option" line of prophylactics? I can already hear the tagline: "Offering the best protection for active players...don't roll out without one!")

2. I know this site has been rich with player profiles over the last few months. That is by design. Prior to the draft, we like to educate ourselves as much as possible on all the players coming into the league. It's what makes--and keeps-- Redskins fans at the top of the heap when it comes to general NFL knowledge. This month, Sean Patterson and Mike Harar are turning the direction of these profiles inward. They will be putting out quick-hitting pieces on as many of the 90 players on our roster as we can get to before camp starts and they start changing the makeup of the roster on a daily basis. I think they are a valuable addition to our site and I wanted to make sure Sean and Mike knew that I have already received some very positive feedback from readers on these simple and informative posts.

3. It is time again for our Redskins Flag Football Draft. Last year, you may recall that Kevin and I each drafted seven players from the current Redskins roster to field a flag team. This year, we invited our own Steve Shoup to participate, by virtue of his expertise in all matters relating to drafts. We are already four or five rounds into it--we wanted to make sure and keep the tampering to a minimum, so we have been delaying the posting of draft results. Last year, I got crushed for drafting Josh Morgan and Chase Minnifield to split time at quarterback (injuries don't carry over into our fantasy flag league). Kevin got the first pick, so naturally he got RG3. This year, we instituted a "No RG3" rule to try and take out some of the bias among voters (you) when it comes time to decide which guy drafted the best squad. I would like to make sure you all remember how hard you were on me for going the unconventional route. It know...matter...once the picks start coming out.

4. Speaking of Steve Shoup, Fanspeak put out a list of Top Ten football movies and I have to say I was a bit upset that three of my all-time favorites did not even crack the list! I tried to help Steve out on Twitter but it was all for naught. I simply don't understand how Lucas fails to make even the Honorable Mention list--we're talking about Charlie Sheen, people! They threw Little Giants in at the end of the Honorable Mention list, despite it belonging in the Top Ten. Thankfully, they got All the Right Moves into the rankings--any thing that has Craig T. Nelson playing the role of "Coach" is appointment viewing. The absence of any mention at all of the Academy Award-snubbed Wildcats really grinds my gears. Would there have even been a White Men Can't Jump if Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes didn't develop valuable chemistry in this movie? I have to follow my rules here regarding lists--I want three movies added, so I have to take three movies out. Hello Lucas, Wildcats and Little Giants...goodbye Any Given Sunday, Jerry Maguire (one Tom Cruise movie in the Top Ten is enough) and The Blind Side.

5. Sometime in the first couple of weeks of July, I would very much like to schedule a happy hour for Hogs Haven somewhere in the city. I am looking at two Tuesdays in particular--July 2nd and July 9th. This will be nothing extremely formal or planned--just getting together to sample a beverage or two ahead of the preseason. I think it is worth it to solicit ideas from those who would care to join me in waxing poetic on the chances the Redskins finally implement a game-winning dual-tight end set. Let's think Red Line-accessible locations, with an emphasis on great beer offerings. You can send your suggestions to me on Twitter (@ItsRainingKen if you are looking for a twitter feed to add to your list) or you can email me at with bar ideas. If you own a bar, and you want to host this motley crew, God bless you.

6. Last, but most certainly not least, I wanted to share with you a band that I ran across over the last few weeks that is deserving of a little plug in this space. The band is called "Sly 45" and they play a bunch of Annapolis-area venues. The lead singer, Andrew Goldstein, is a huge Redskins fan and I had the chance recently to experience these guys in person at a little shindig known as The Backyard Brawl. Check out their website here, and if you or someone you know is having an event that would be enriched by live music, do yourselves a favor and hire these guys. In addition to knocking pretty much every Beatles song out of the park, they did great covers of Mumford & Sons and The Lumineers. When I found out they also covered Hall and Oates, you better believe I wouldn't shut up until they belted out an awesome version of "You Make My Dreams Come True." Watching these guys play made me wish I hadn't given up on a musical future that was not at all promising for me (except for songs that require a prodigy-level kazoo man).

Sly them. You'll thank me later.