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List of Approved & Forbidden Exercises for RGIII's Honeymoon (Gifs)

With the Redskins team on vacation until the start of training camp, RGIII announced he will continue his rehab through his honeymoon. Here is a list of approved and forbidden activities for RGIII.

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It's safe to assume Dr. Andrews won't be in an adjoining room to Robert Griffin III's honeymoon suite, although TMZ probably will be. So, what activities are best for RGIII's rehab that will also keep the wifey happy and entertained?

Biking: Bicycling is a preferred rehab activity because all weight is taken off the knee while cardio and leg muscles both get a good workout. Luck Duck Dong proved in Sixteen Candles stationary biking can be romantic. Robert, bonus points if you yell out "SEXY AMERICAN GIRRRLFRIEND" during your workout.


Water Activities: Another key rehab spot is the pool. Step it up and notch and take your wife to the lake or ocean for some arm lifts. When the Redskins win the Super Bowl in 2014, you'll know to do when Kai Fobath comes running at you full speed and jumps.


Pottery: Patrick Swayze is the king of sexy workouts. Working the clay wheel will ensure your wrists stay strong, which is a key reason those short, slant passes are so quick and successful. Bonus points if you re-enact this workout how Leslie Nielsen and Priscilla Presley did in the Naked Gun.


Dancing: RGIII's already got this on lock down. All arm and hip movement...knee stays safe.


Forbidden Activities

Surfing: The running is the easy part but leaving your feet and planting your foot on a wax surface with shells all around is no bueno.


Martial Arts: I know a lot of Redskins have taken up martial arts this year to help with their pass rush, but avoid the temptation to do The Crane. This takes massive strength that can wait until your 1-year anniversary.


Box jumping (improvised): Five months into the rehab, it's common to hear your mind tell your legs they are back. Please do not think you can jump anything you see. The gym and proper equipment is key.


Boating: Things are just too slippery...even wearing those FiveFingers shoes are not fool-proof. Let's stay on land.