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Quotes from Kai Forbath's Reddit AMA

Kai Forbath answers fans' questions including who the Redskins backup kicker is in case he gets crippling diarrhea.

Rob Carr

Via Reddit:

Which nickname do you prefer? King Kai, Cobra Kai, or Lord Forbath?

Kai Forbath: growing up a fan of the karate kid im going to go with cobra kai.

who is the emergency kicker on the skins if you got hurt during a game or had crippling diarrhea?

my guess would be sav or logan paulsen since he grew up playing soccer

Thoughts on icing the kicker

i personally think it gives the kicker and advantage because when they call timeout we still snap the ball and i kick it so it almost becomes a practice kick if something goes wrong and gives me a second chance.

on stage fright for game winning kicks

no i love getting a chance to go out there and hit a game winning kick. The rush of it is almost impossible to describe.

How does it feel to kick behind the most badass longsnapper in the NFL?

Its a great feeling knowing i never have to worry about having a bad snap. The ball is ALWAYS there.

Am I the only one who cringes with either Sav or Paulsen taking a FG for the Redskins? I do like the shout out to Nick Sundberg there.


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